A Nuggety Style Guide: Potion Edition

Our Nugget alchemists toiled and troubled over their bubbling color cauldrons for many moons to create our latest hue. Mixing Potion can be done in countless ways, with a few of our favorite NuggetyCombos shared below. Potion masters, take note: Nearly all ingredients blend well with Potion. Just take care when adding drops of murlap essence or unicorn hair, as they tend to create a sparkle of extra magic!

Layer color on color

Potion, an enthralling elixir of fun and play, pairs well with another 2021 (re)-release: Cactus! The two brights bring out the best in each other, adding light and energy to any room. 

When yellows, like Taxicab or Saturn, join the party, the stars align for fun in your future.

Add color amongst neutrals

Potion is a potent pop of color that pairs well with neutrals, including one of our classics: Blackbeard. The true onyx black provides a sleek backdrop for Potion to work its magic. 

Pairing Potion with lighter neutrals — cream, grey, and white — incorporates a bright hue into a peaceful, serene room.

Pairing pinks and purples

What’s better than one shade of purple? Two, of course! Our modern mauve color, Mayberry, highlights the bright pop of Potion while introducing a calm, cozy vibe. 

We also love the combination of Potion with a pastel pink, like our Sweetpea, perfect for those who can’t decide if their favorite color is pink or purple. Why choose just one? 

Curious to see how others are styling their Potion Nuggets? Follow along on Instagram, using #NuggetyCombos, to see Potion out of its bottle and in the real world.