A Nuggety Guide to 2022 Holiday Ordering

An illustrated Big Orange Box with a tag that says "2022." Main text says "A Nuggety Guide to Holiday Ordering"
We know in the past it has been hard to score a Nugget for the holiday season... But this year, say goodbye to backorders and lotteries! The holiday magic is alive and well at Nugget HQ and our workshop is stacked with big orange boxes just waiting to be filled. We know how exciting this is for us (and you) so we are here to answer all your most asked holiday shopping questions! 

When should I order for the holidays?

This year, we've increased our production capacity from years past so that you can soak up all of spooky season before you have to make a move on your Nugget Cart. We know that many shoppers like to wait until Black Friday (reminder that we don’t do any big sales!) or early December to get in the holiday spirit. That being said, we recommend getting yours as soon as you find the perfect pre-holiday hiding spot. We know, it’s hard to resist the urge to play… but we believe in you. You got this.

Could I order later and still get it by the holidays?

We are doing our best to continue shipping all orders within 1-3 business days. But during the holiday season, we encourage you to factor in extra time for shipping — we’ve seen everything from unexpected ice storms to wildfires to hurricanes to labor shortages impact transit times.

We don’t have a specific cut-off date to share, because of the constantly shifting calculation of supply, demand and production capacity, but we’ll do our best to provide any updates when they’re available. You can always check our website to see what our current shipping estimates are, and use that to gauge approximately how much time you have to get your order in — just keep in mind that the estimate we share indicates when your Nugget will leave our warehouse, but you’ll need to buffer some extra time for shipping to your home! So again… the earlier, the better!  

Are you going to be releasing any new colors before the holidays? 

Anything is possible, and we encourage you to always keep an ear (or two!) out by following our newsletter, Instagram, and Facebook for anything new that is around the corner. But, if you have already figured out your perfect color, we suggest ordering sooner rather than later!

If I order it now, can I leave it in its box until December?

No. We may not know what curveballs this holiday season may throw us yet, but we do know, with absolute certainty, that you cannot leave a Nugget in its box for extended periods of time! 

We realize that this might be less preferred, but because Nuggets have to be compressed before shipping, leaving a Nugget in its box for longer than 15 days after delivery can cause structural damage to the foam, and also voids our one-year product warranty.

So, I’m supposed to open the Nugget when it arrives… where do I store it so it remains a surprise?

Thinking ahead, Nuggeteer — we see you! Fortunately, as many of our customers like to shop early for the holidays, we’re well-versed in how to make this work, and we promise that it isn’t that hard. We recommend storing the Nugget under a bed, in a closet, or at a friend or family member's house until the big day. For reference, Nuggets fold into a 33" x 33" square for storage, and we share more dimensions here on our website as well. 

What if storing a Nugget isn’t an option?

We understand! If you’re buying the Nugget as a gift and you aren’t able to open it when it arrives and store it until the holidays, we also offer gift cards if you’d like to go that route. Our gift cards never expire and can be used to purchase a Nugget whenever you or your recipient are ready for it! 

If you want more tips on how to gift your Nugget, we recommend checking out our blog post here.