A Nuggety Styling Guide: Disney and Pixar Toy Story Edition

A kid reclines on a Toy Story Nugget with a cloud-based background to the image.This cloud-patterned Nugget combined with Woody-inspired yellow will transport you right back to childhood, that first magical moment when you started to wonder… What exactly do toys do during the school day? 

Two children lounge on a Toy Story Nugget in a kids roomThe microsuede Nugget features a directional tossed cloud pattern on the thick base cushion and pillows, with a sky blue background and white clouds. The thin cushion is a warm, buttery yellow, also in our original microsuede, which some Nugget fans may recognize as our retired Honeybee (buzz, buzz!). A red zipper, inspired by the Toy Story logo, adds a pop of color to each of the four pieces. 

A labeled Toy Story Nugget with cloud-patterned base cushion and pillows and Honeybee thin cushionCompared to Nugget colors, the blue in this sky pattern is more saturated than our retired Skydive, and lighter than Snorkel and Lagoon. The yellow is the same hue as our retired Honeybee, a warm, buttery yellow. The red in the zipper is a true, bold red.

A child plays with a toy on the Honeybee cushion of the Toy Story Nugget; a cloud base and pillow are nearby. These Nuggety color pairings are inspired by our favorite Toy Story characters. For a Woody vibe, pair the Toy Story Nugget with Rodeo, Sandcastle, and Blueridge. 

A digital swatch of the Toy Story Nugget and recommended pairings, from left to right: Sandcastle, Blueridge, and RodeoPinks and reds work to build out the primary color scheme of the design, but more importantly, remind us of Bo Peep! 

Two rows of digital swatches of the Toy Story Nugget and recommended pairings: on the top, Lolly, and on the bottom, Harbor.Want your Toy Story Nugget to be your room’s favorite deputy – and focal point? Pair it with a neutral gray, like our Harbor or Koala, and it will be the only sheriff in town.

A kid sits on the Toy Story Nugget, smiling at camera. A toy truck is positioned on the cloud base and pillow.Read about The Monsters, Inc. and Coco Nuggets, and explore the entire collection here. All Nuggets in the collection will be available to shop starting April 7, 2022 at 12pm ET. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

A kid dressed as a sheriff hugs a Toy Story pillow, which is stacked on the yellow cushion and cloud base.