A Nuggety Styling Guide: The Signature Edition

The Signature Nugget in a living room with a dark gray couch. Disney's Mickey Mouse logo is on the top right of image.Shine a spotlight on imagination and creativity with the Signature Nugget, one of two designs in the Disney Mickey Mouse Collection. Channeling the optimistic outlook and signature style of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, this design will be sure to inspire imaginations and endless playtime. 

This double-brushed microsuede Nugget features Disney’s Mickey Mouse’s iconic color combination, illustrations of some of his most-loved features, and a pair of dark graphite pillows to reflect his recognizable ears. Red and yellow cushions are splashed with patterns of white gloves, yellow shoes, and red pants – all topped off with a pair of dark graphite pillows featuring the classic Mickey Mouse emblem. Part-nostalgic, part-playful, and 100% magic. 

A labeled image of the Signature Nugget, with bright yellow and red base and cushion and dark graphite pillows, all in double-brushed microsuedeThe Signature Nugget incorporates a dark graphite, lighter than retired Blackbeard and darker than charcoal gray Harbor, throughout the design and on the pillows. The thicker base is a bold and bright yellow, more saturated than Honeybee and brighter than Saturn, while the red thinner cushion is a brighter shade of red than our retired Broadway. 

Styling the Signature Nugget

Whether you’re a longtime Nugget fan or new to the Nuggetverse, you may be wondering which Nuggety color combinations we recommend with this colorful Disney Mickey Mouse design. Here are some of our favorites!

Set the stage for Disney’s Mickey Mouse to shine in the spotlight with a neutral color, like Koala, our calm cool gray, or Harbor, our charcoal gray. We love how these combos look in minimalist spaces that aren’t afraid to make a statement! 

Two children stand on the Signature Nugget in a living room. Two color swatches are added to image, showing how well the design pairs with Koala and HarborAdd Blueridge, a classic neutral that loves to play with color, for a fun look with another double-brushed microsuede Nugget.

A child crawls out of a Nugget build featuring the Signature Nugget and Blueridge NuggetFairway, Lolly, and Neptune with the Signature Nugget will have you saying “Welcome to our clubhouse!”

Two children climb a Signature Nugget in a room featuring color swatches of Fairway, Neptune, and Lolly, colors we love with this design.However you style your Signature Nugget, know that you can’t go wrong with a Nuggety color.  Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

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