A Nuggety Styling Guide: The Studio Edition

Two children sit on the Studio Nugget, reading a book.Bring just the right amount of Disney’s Mickey Mouse flair to playtime with the Studio Nugget, one of two designs in our Disney Mickey Mouse Collection. 

This geometric pattern was inspired by original Mickey Mouse sketches and combines warm taupe tones with the subtle shapes of a classic Disney character. Covered in our extra-soft double-brushed microsuede, The Studio Mickey Mouse Nugget adds polish and sophistication to any space.

labeled image of product highlighting that it's double-brushed microseude and has a subtle Mickey Mouse design

The Studio Nugget is a warm taupe, lighter than our retired Pebble and warmer than our cool-toned Koala gray. As with many of our microsuede-base colors, lighting makes a big difference to how a color presents, which is especially true for this design. Low-light areas bring out the warmth in this design; increasing the contrast between the design and background and making the pattern more prominent. Bright, direct light highlights the cooler, softer gray and beige hues while blending the subtle design more closely with the background.

A Subtle Pattern for Playful Spaces

The Disney’s Mickey Mouse design on this Nugget adds movement and texture in a modern way – we absolutely love styling this versatile color and can’t wait to see what Nuggeteers imagine for their own spaces.

This taupe works well with other neutrals, from a cool-toned palette with Koala to a warm-toned look with Sandcastle.child playing with stuffed animal on the Studio NuggetPair with Daybreak, our misty agave, to bring out the Studio warmer undertones.child playing under a build with Studio Nugget and Daybreak NuggetBalance our modern Disney’s Mickey Mouse design with a classic color, like our navy Blueridge. It gives new best friend kind of vibes, don’t you think?children sitting on the Studio Nugget with dad nearby on a couchWe love how the Studio’s warm taupe looks when paired with our cozy greens, double-brushed microsuede Willow and corduroy Lilypad. child lounging and reading a book on the Studio Nugget buildCheck out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.