A User's Guide To Backorders 2021

UPDATE, 11/11: Backorders will be available on the Nugget site starting on Monday, November 16th!

UPDATE, 12/7: Shipping estimates throughout this blog post have been changed to expect shipping by the end of April 2021. For more info, read the full update

Thanks to the buildout of our new factory in Butner, North Carolina, we’ve had our minds set on big goals heading into the end of this year — like huge, intergalactic ones. And we still do! But while we've been building up our Nugget supply by increasing production capacity, demand for Nuggets has skyrocketed just as much. Even still, we remain steadfast in our commitment to two things — getting folks a high quality, “Certified Nuggety” product as quickly as possible, and keeping the people that make them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Which brings us back down to Earth, and a less-than-ideal reality: not everyone who wants a Nugget before Christmas will be able to get one. 

The good news is, thanks to that brand new factory, we're way more comfortable taking on Backorders than we were earlier this year, because now we can work through them quicker than ever before. (If you’re interested in how we’ve scaled while maintaining our commitment to quality, keep an eye out for blog posts under the BIG! page on the website.) So starting this Monday, November 16th, Nuggets and Cover Sets in all 15 current colors will be available for Backorder, shipping out by the end of April 2021. We won't provide a shipping estimate at the time of your order, but we'll be in touch via email in the weeks and months afterwards, keeping you updated with estimates and shipping progress. If at any point you no longer want to keep your Backorder, you can cancel and receive a full refund. Cancelations are allowed up until you receive a shipping notification.


What time will Backorders open on Monday?

Backorders will go live at 10am ET on Monday, 11/16!

Is there an end date to the Backorder?

When backorders open, our goal is for Nuggets to be available indefinitely on our website. The long lead time (shipping out by April 30, 2021 for Backorders) and our expanded production capacity allows us to make a huge number of Nuggets available for anyone who’s willing to wait a bit.

Will all purchases ship in the order they were received?

Not necessarily. With such high order volume, and such a long timeline, we have to build in flexibility for our manufacturing team — which means not deciding, just yet, the order in which colors will be made and shipped. Within individual colors, we’ll ship in the order that purchases were received (i.e. a Harbor order #101 will ship before a Harbor order #102). But across colors, some later orders may be shipped earlier, and vice versa (i.e. a Harbor order #101 may ship later than a Submarine order #108). That’s why our shipping promise with Backorders is simply that all items will ship out by 4/30/21. We can’t provide more detail than that at this time, but we will be releasing more info about your Shipping Group and delivery window in December.

Is there a way to make sure my order gets shipped early in 2021?

We're sorry, but given the high volume of orders that we anticipate being placed when Backorders open, and the number of manufacturing variables involved, there’s no way for us to promise more specific shipping windows (like “Jan/Feb 2021” or “April 2021”) to anyone just yet. When we release Shipping Groups in December, we’ll have a better idea of when we expect your Backorder to ship.

When will Backorders ship by?

All Backorders will leave Nugget HQ by 4/30/21. If and when we’ve reached a number of Backorders that forces us to extend our lead time window, we will make that clear everywhere.

Will there be an item limit for the Backorder?

Nope! Have at it! Each customer can order as many Nuggets and Cover Sets as they’d like — however, to make the cancelation process easier for our Customer team, we are limiting each order to a single item. So, if you’d like two Nuggets and two Cover Sets, that would require four separate orders. Also, please keep in mind that your order won’t ship until next year, and that you’ll be charged at the time of ordering, not at the time of shipping. 

Will there be a multipack discount on Backorders?

No. We’re no longer offering the multipack discount for a number of reasons, but mostly because it has caused confusion for customers over time and because it adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to the unlimited Backorder system.


When will Backorders start shipping?

Backorders will start shipping in early 2021. Right now, we don’t have a more specific timeframe, but in December, we’ll be releasing more info about Shipping Groups, so you can get a better idea of where you stand. Once your order does ship, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link to follow your order home!

Can I cancel a Backorder for a full refund?

Yes, Backorders can be canceled at any point up until you receive a shipping notification. During this high-volume period, our Customer team will be canceling orders as quickly as possible, but it may take up to 1-2 weeks for your cancelation to be processed. We appreciate your understanding, and will be making improvements on our end to shorten that response time.


Can I change my address on a Backorder?

Yes, we’re happy to help with any in-state shipping address changes. Send us an email at hq@nuggetcomfort.com with the subject line “Shipping Address Change - Order #_____” and we’ll get it taken care of for you. 

If you need to change your shipping address to an out-of-state address, you’ll need to cancel your order.

Are Cover Sets available in the Backorder?

Yes! Cover Sets will be available in the Backorder.

Are Pillow Packs available in the Backorder?

No, Pillow Packs will be available again on our site sometime next year, but they will not be a part of the Backorder. 

What colors will be available in the Backorder?

All 12 colors currently listed on the Nugget page will be available, plus the three new colors that were released in November: Mayberry, Daybreak, and Sweetpea. The Spoonflower x Rosalind Maroney collaboration, "Nuggeteering Across the Universe," will not be available as a Backorder.

Can Backordered items be changed after purchase?

Sorry, in line with our policies in the past, order details like color and quantity cannot be changed to an order after purchase. The only way to make those edits would be to cancel your order and re-order in your desired color.

Does purchasing a Backorder guarantee a Nugget?

Yes, different from the Lotto, placing a Backorder is a guaranteed way to get a Nugget. We can’t guarantee a shipping date, just that it will leave Nugget HQ by 4/30/21, but more shipping updates will be provided to Backorder customers in December.

Could COVID cause delays?

Yes. Every Nugget is assembled on-site in our North Carolina HQ, and the health of our staff is a top priority. As with any other estimate we've provided this year, our Backorder estimates are at the mercy of public health conditions that may change due to the coronavirus pandemic. If and when we believe these conditions could impact shipping timelines, we will make that clear to customers right away.

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Thanks for reading, and see you on Monday!