For A Funner Future: Backorders 2020

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For a company that prides itself on imagination, we have to admit, not even we could have dreamed up what happened this holiday season. Sure, we expected and prepared for growth — 400-500%, even. But not this: instantaneous sellouts; hundreds of thousands of website visitors; and now, as a result, a Nugget website with no Nuggets.

We’ve heard the calls. We’ve gotten your feedback. And we’ve worked our butts off to make it happen. After much deliberation and soul-searching, we are delighted to announce our campaign for Nugget Backorders 2020 — a plan to get America (and Canada) off the grownup couch and back on Nuggets again, as soon as possible.

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On December 20 at 12 Noon EST, we’re making all Nugget colors available for Backorder, so customers can get their Nugget reserved and no longer worry about fast fingers and hectic drops. Backorders will be 100% refundable up until your order ships out (limit one refund per customer). Our campaign promise to you? Your order will ship within 14 weeks of being placed — but most will ship out well before that, as we're going to be making and shipping Nuggets right away!

Backorders of the same color will ship in the order they are received, but Backorders of different colors may ship slightly out of order, due to raw materials of specific colors arriving in different quantities and at different times. That means our customer service team will not be able to tell you when your Nugget ships out within that window. The only guarantee we can make is that your order will leave our hands at HQ within 14 weeks.

We know the possibility of three months for a Nugget to ship may come as a disappointment to some. We’ve stated our commitment to major change in the new year, scaling our business to match this unprecedented demand. But alas, these infrastructural changes (more fabric, more foam, more space, more hires) can’t happen overnight if we want them done well and with our commitment to quality in mind. The 2020 Backorder is our way of letting those customers who can handle the wait take their place in line, while we make the large scale infrastructure changes to serve more people than ever before.

In 2020, we hope you’ll stand with us. Soon enough, your Nugget will arrive, and you’ll have a soft, comfy place to sit down.

NOTE: This does not affect our planned December 18th release of Koala, Submarine, and Rosebud! That release is still happening as promised at 12 Noon EST on 12/18, and those orders will ship out within four weeks. We do expect a fast sellout, and Christmas delivery is not guaranteed.

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Why are you releasing Nuggets on Backorder?
We’ve made commitments to major growth in 2020, but it can’t take place overnight. We’ll be making Nuggets from the first day of the year onward, but we won’t immediately have the capacity to serve every customer that will want a Nugget. Rather than periodically drop stressful restocks throughout the Spring, the 2020 Backorder is our way of letting those customers who can handle the wait take their place in line, while we make the large-scale infrastructure changes to serve more people than ever before.

Will you sell out? 
If we sell more of any Nugget color during the Backorder release than we can comfortably promise to ship within 14 weeks, we will close down that color for Backorder, and that Nugget will be marked “Sold Out” until our manufacturing operation is once again able to ship it out within the 14-week window.

Is the December 18th release still happening?
Yes! Koala, Submarine and Rosebud will be in stock at 12 pm EST on 12/18, and those orders will ship out from Nugget HQ within four weeks. We expect a fast sellout, and cannot guarantee they arrive in time for Christmas. If you need a Nugget in the next month, we suggest you try for this release! If not, all three colors will be available for Backorder two days later.

What will the price be? When will I be charged?
The Harbor Nugget will be $259, and all other Nuggets will be $229. The Harbor Cover Set will be $129, and all other cover sets will be $99. Your card will be charged upon purchase, just like a normal sale on our site.

Will Cover Sets also be available for Backorder? Will they ship faster?
Cover Sets will be available for Backorder, but since they are packed and shipped on a different line than Nuggets, we can't say whether they will ship faster or slower, only that they too will ship out within 14 weeks.

What colors are included? 
Every color currently listed on our website will be available for Backorder. This includes Koala, Submarine, Blackbeard, Harbor, Broadway, Beanstalk, Taxicab, Peachtree, Lagoon, Bamboo, Rosebud, Stardust, and Pebble.

Which colors will you have first? Which colors will you have the most of?
We are manufacturing our colors in the ratios that they’ve sold in previously, and new quantities will be regularly refilling raw materials here at HQ throughout the first months of the year. The reason we can’t specify a “fastest color to buy” is because, if we announced one, it would sell so many that it would get backed up more than other colors, defeating the purpose! We won’t be able to provide specific information about which color you should order for fastest delivery — we can just promise that all Backorders will ship within 14 weeks.

THe best items I have ever purchased for my kids - Crista M

Will you limit customers to one Nugget?
After looking at our data, more than 95% of orders from our restocks have been for one or two Nuggets only, so we haven't put a limit on carts for restocks. We'll run Backorders the same way. We do not have data showing that customers are purchasing more than a few Nuggets at once. If we see that this changes, we'll update this policy!

Will the Backorders be refundable?
For one Nugget per customer, yes! One Nugget per customer will allowed to be 100% refunded at any time before the order ships (so before you get your shipping confirmation email). No matter how many Nuggets a customer orders, only one will be allowed to be refunded. This policy is in place to discourage customers from ordering more Nuggets than they actually want, leaving more for everyone else.

Can I change the shipping address on a Backorder?
We are able to correct typos in the street name and house number, but can't easily make state and zip code changes due to differences in state and local taxes. If you have a move coming up in the next 14 weeks, make sure to put down an address of someone that can receive and forward your Nugget to you. If you do happen to enter your state or zip code incorrectly, you can contact Nugget customer service to have them cancel your order, and, if Backorders are available, place the order again. If you cancel and re-order, you will lose your place in the Backorder line.

Myson has not stopped romping on his Nugget couch since we got it. We could not love it more - Rachel S.

How early could my order arrive?
The reason Nuggets are going on Backorder isn’t because we won’t have any on hand for multiple months; it’s just that we won’t have them all at once. Starting as soon as we return for the new year, we’ll be making and shipping Nuggets — meaning your Backorder may actually arrive within a week or two. This won’t be the experience for most customers who place a Backorder, but we want to make everyone is aware that it’s a possibility. You’ll know when it’s on the way,  of course — you’ll get a shipping email with a tracking link when it leaves us at Nugget HQ! 

Can I email customer service to get shipping updates regarding my order?
Yes, but you'll get a kind email from them saying that we can't provide additional info about your order. We can only promise it will ship out within 14 weeks of your purchase date. Our CS team is pretty magical, but they will not be able to work any magic to let you know the specific date you'll receive your Nugget.

Can gift cards be used for a Backorder?
Yes! Besides the extended shipping time, placing a Backorder will work just like placing an order on our website normally. Gift card codes will be able to be entered during the checkout process. If you bought yourself a gift card after we sold out to use on a Nugget purchase later, we recommend using it on December 20th to get a Nugget on Backorder! 

Hands down the best kids toy ever! Kate P.

Up to fourteen weeks — isn't that a long time?
Yes, it is, and it's not our usual way of doing business. It is, however, the best way to let our customers avoid repeated stressful "drops" while we scale up to produce more inventory, without sacrificing our commitments to quality, and the health of our team. We've included a couple of real customer reviews in this post to make the case that the Nugget is a product worth waiting for. 

How does this affect the 30-Day Trial?
Our policy already begins on the day you receive your Nugget - for backorders, it will be no different. Starting on the day you receive your Nugget in the mail, you'll have 30 days to decide if it's as good as the customers in this post say it is, or if you want your money back. For Backorders, our 30-Day Trial will only apply to one Nugget per customer.

I have a birthday in February. What color should I order? 
There is no one color or group of colors that we can predict will arrive to you earlier than another, so we recommend just ordering your favorite! While we wish we could promise delivery in time for birthdays, that’s simply not possible during this Backorder period. If it’s getting close to the date and your Nugget still hasn’t shipped, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.


Thanks for reading, and we hope we can earn your vote on December 20th! If you have any more questions, please email us at 

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