Backorders Are Ahead of Schedule!

There’s big news when it comes to Backorders. We’ve been doing some calculations, and next year’s journey is already ahead of schedule. Rather than our initial estimate of June, Backorders will ship out by the end of April, at the latest, and many will ship months before that.

“How could that be?” you might ask. “What changed?” “Who can I hug?” These are all reasonable questions. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 distancing guidelines, there will not be any hugging allowed right now, but you can send a friendly note our Customer team at any time.

To fully understand our new shipping timeline, it’s important to start with November 16th itself — the biggest day in Nugget’s history. We knew that there was a whole lot of interest in Nuggets out there, but since we had no recent history of purchases, we didn’t know what to expect. And of course, we knew that the responsible manufacturing timeline we had set for shipping expectations — more than six months out — wasn’t going to have people over the moon. So we made our final preparations, we shared the release details with customers, and waited for liftoff.

Within seconds, more Nuggets had been purchased than in all of 2018. Within minutes, more than had ever been purchased in a single day. And by the end of November 16th, the number of couches purchased on that single day was within shouting distance of the number purchased in all of last year. It was, to continue the space theme, astronomical. And it didn’t stop at Nuggets.

Not to be outdone, Cover Sets didn’t just have their most popular day of all-time, they had their most popular year of all-time — and it wasn’t close! On November 16th, Nugget customers bought more Cover Sets than in all of 2018 and 2019 combined. On one day!

In short, demand for Nuggets has continued to skyrocket. But another thing has skyrocketed, for the first time in Nugget history, even faster: our ability to make them — safely, socially distanced, and with our continued commitment to quality in each and every big orange box.

In September, we made a BIG deal about opening a new headquarters in Butner, NC. Why? For exactly this reason: we now produce more than 3x as many Nuggets per day as we were able to earlier this fall. With further tweaks to our manufacturing process, that number will soon reach 4x.

You might be wondering, "Does that mean the quality of your product goes down?" In fact, it means quite the opposite! With better processes in place to assemble and pack Nuggets, and more eyes on each facet of the operation, we are proud to continue our legacy of Certified Nuggety product leaving our facility every day. 

That’s looking back just a couple of months, but for fun, what if we looked back a couple of years? We’d find that around this time in 2018, we were making only a few more Nuggets per day than we currently produce per hour. What a difference two years (and a lot of Nuggety word of mouth) makes.

Do these improvements in production and shipping speed mean we’ll start shipping Backorders this year? Nope, Backorders will begin shipping in 2021, as planned. The additional capacity on our production line in 2020 is being used to get as many randomly-selected Lotto Nuggets out there as possible — as the Lotto comes to an end, we’ve been drawing more than 10,000 winners per week!

But as soon as our team gets back on January 4th (after a well-deserved holiday break), all resources will be full steam ahead on our Backorder 2021 Nuggets. And with a bigger, faster, more efficient manufacturing operation than ever before, it’ll be April — not June — when the last of Backorders will be at customer’s doors.