Pillow Packs are Back

Pillow Packs are back! May 20 2021

Nuggeteers, we heard you loud and clear: Pillow Packs are returning to the Nugget Shop on May 20, 2021 at 12pm ET, and this time, they’re sticking around for good. Nugget Pillows are a just-right combination of support and comfort — not to mention, they're the building blocks that make the world of Nugget builds go ‘round. Read on to learn how to order yours!

Illustration of bouncing Nugget pillows in various colors

What comes in a Pillow Pack?

Pillow Packs come in a two-pack of our classic triangular pillows — they're made out of the exact same foam and fabric that you already know and love from the Nugget. They'll fit right in if you have other Nugget products, and if not, we also think they're pretty fun on their own!

Do they need to be unpacked right away like the Nugget?

Pillow Packs arrive in the cutest little box that has enough room for them to hang out, already fully fluffed up, so you don't have to worry about unboxing them ASAP. Since Pillow Packs can be shipped without having to be compressed first, they can stay in their boxes as long as you'd like... but that sounds sad, so we hope you'll take them out to play! 

What colors will be available?

We worked hard on our manufacturing process to be able to provide Pillow Packs in all of our current colors, available for viewing at the Nugget Shop. Microsuede-covered Pillows will be available for $99 and Pillows in our double-brushed microsuede fabrics will be available for $129. 

Illustration of three Pillow Pack boxes in a line

When will Pillow Packs ship? 

Pillow Packs will ship on the same schedule as other Nugget products; any potential updates to our shipping estimates will be reflected on the site at the time of ordering.

How much will shipping cost for Pillow Packs?

Shipping is free within the entire contiguous United States! For non-contiguous U.S. states (Alaska and Hawaii) and orders heading to Canada, we do have an additional shipping cost of $49 per Pillow Pack. 

Can I order two different colors in one Pillow Pack set? 

When placing your order, you will be able to select one color for your Pillow Pack set. Both Pillows will be the same color! If you want to further customize your Nuggety colors, you can order additional Pillow Packs or Cover Sets. 

I ordered a Nugget earlier this year; can I combine my orders?

Due to many manufacturing and operational variables, we’re not able to combine orders, so if you already have an order in place and you place a new order for a Pillow Pack, they will likely ship at different times. 

Illustration of bouncing Nugget pillows in various colors

Can I order a cushion or a base without pillows?

At the Nugget Shop, you can find our original play couch, Cover Sets, and Pillow Packs! We do not currently sell cushions or bases individually.

I have no idea how I will decide what color to order! Help!

We have some content coming out soon that may help with that  hang tight there, friend. Our Nuggety colors love to play well together, no matter the combination.

Mark your calendars for noon ET on May 20, 2021, a day that will live in the Nuggety history books: the return of the Pillow Packs!