The "Certified Nuggety" Play Giveaway!

This week we'll be sharing five products that have earned our "Certified Nuggety" stamp of approval for the ways they encourage open-ended play. It's always important to encourage children's imaginations, but with the weight of this year so far, we think it's extra important to share the ideas we see as game-changers for indoor exploration and safe, creative play. 

1. Wobbel

certified Nuggety couch with wobbel board

Up first is the iconic Wobbel Board from Holland! The sturdy and beautifully crafted Wobbel board is an Open-Ended play must-have, and we very often see it paired with Nugget play. Waldorf-inspired Wobbel boards are made from layers of European beech wood which are tacked and pressed under high pressure. It stimulates balance and strength, supporting physical awareness through play. Like Nuggets, children instinctively know what the intention is and continue to find more opportunities for discovery. Like Nuggets, kids can use it to get their wiggles out, for creative play, and even yoga!

Want one in your home? Wobbel has teamed up with us to gift one winner a Wobbelboard as well as $100 shop credit to Nugget! Head over to our Instagram to learn how to enter!


2. WayToPlay

certified Nuggety couch with Way to Play cars

We often see Nuggeteers pairing their Nugget configurations with Way to Play's cars, roads, and highways. We love how they create an extra adventure for the hills and valleys of Nuggetland. Your child is behind the wheel and determines the way forward. There are no maps, and the sets can be added to endlessly for a never-ending journey.


3. Wiwiurka

certified Nuggety couch with wiwikura climbing board

If you've been following us, you probably already know about this product! We're giving away one of Mexico-based Wiwiurka large Pikler climbing frames with a rock climbing board. Wiwiurka's Pikler boards have won the "Certified Nuggety" stamp of approval for the ways they encourage open-ended play! The physical challenge of the climbing boards pairs nicely with the comfy Nugget couch as a crash pad. Together, the two products promote active and creative play as well as gross motor development.


4. Sarah's Silkscertified Nuggety couch with Sarahs silks

Our friend Sarah has been designing play silks and other natural, eco-friendly wooden and silk toys for over 25 years! Like Nuggets, the ways your kiddos can use play silks for imaginative play are virtually unlimited. Use with your Nugget fort for a multi-colored roof, door, or window! These silks are a great option for the families out there with smaller living spaces, as they don't take up much space at all!

5. BrainRich Kids
certified Nuggety couch with Brainrich kids

BrainRich Kids is a small, family-run business with some very awesome indoor jungle gyms that pair so well with Nuggets. By providing plenty of ways to climb, swing, and grapple on the gym, kids develop strength and coordination, while having a blast. Lay your Nugget underneath for a cushy, safe landing every time! These products are "BrainRich" because there is a research-backed correlation between physical play and brain development in kids. For all of these reasons, the sets have won our "Certified Nuggety!" stamp of approval.