The Journey Continues: Backorder Shipping Groups Are Here!

Ever since Backorders took off in November, we've been working on our production plans for 2021, doing our best to pull together estimates for when these Nuggets would reach their destinations. Today, we've got an update for everyone who has purchased up until this point — every customer has been assigned to one of three shipping groups. 

Before we stargaze at the groups themselves, let's cover a couple important topics first.

  • Colors are distributed throughout all groups. There's no one shipping group that all Daybreak Nuggets, or all Mayberry Nuggets, are part of. They are spread throughout the shipping groups based on when they were ordered in the queue, and when we will have materials available. The one exception is Cover Sets, which are all part of Group 2.
  • Orders can be canceled at any time before shipping, but we can't keep your place in line. If you cancel for any reason, and then choose to re-purchase, your new order will be in Group 3, even if your original order was in Group 1 or 2. 
  • We're not able to edit the color on your order. If you change your mind and decide that you'd like another color, you'll need to cancel your current order and place a new one. 
  • The estimates we've provided are shipping windows. It's very possible that your order may ship well before the final date of your group window. For example, if you're in Group 2, your order is expected to ship at the latest by the end of March, but it could ship in late February or early March.
  • We can help with shipping address changes if you have an upcoming move. Due to a number of operational and manufacturing variables, we're not able to provide a more specific timeframe for when your order will ship, but we can help with any in-state shipping address changes up until the time that your ship. Just shoot us a note at 
  • All orders placed in the next few weeks will be in Group 3. We still have a "ships by the end of April" timeline for all backorders being placed on the site, and we think we will be able to keep that as our shipping estimate for a few more weeks at least, before we'll need to redefine our shipping timeline.

Alright, with that out of the way, we're ready to spacewalk over to our Shipping Groups!

All Nuggeteers in Shipping Group 1 can expect to see their Nugget ship out of our HQ by the end of February...

All Nuggeteers in Shipping Group 2 can expect to see their Nugget ship out of our HQ by the end of March...

And Nuggeteers in Group 3 will have their Nuggets ship out of HQ by the end of April. But like they say — slow and steady wins the race. They might take a bit longer to arrive, but the Group 3 Nuggets will be just as packed with fun and care as the rest.

We're so excited to kick off production of Backorders as soon as we return from our holiday break on January 4th. Thanks for all your patience and support as we fuel up for another (inter) stellar year of adventures.