Welcome To The Summer Restock!

The Nugget Summer restock

Dear Nuggeteers, 

We can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding over the last couple of months! (Has it already been months?! Does anyone still have a calendar?) After we announced that we were suspending all Nugget HQ operations at the end of March, we received an incredible amount of support that made our team very grateful for the community that we've built together. But, we also heard you loud and clear -- you still wanted to get your Nugget orders in, even if we didn't have a timeline for production or shipping

Since we've been able to slowly start producing and shipping Nuggets again, we've only seen the demand increase...which brings us to some hard truths. 

There’s no delightful way to say it: it’s unlikely that everyone who wants a Nugget for this release will be able to get one. That’s not a reality that we relish, nor one that we’ve worked to create. As we’ve written about in emails and on social media, demand is outpacing the production capacity in our current HQ…and that was true before a pandemic hit. The onset of COVID didn’t just impact demand or supply independently, it latched onto both — and pulled in opposite directions. At precisely the moment when our capacity became more limited than ever — with lower factory headcounts, regular hand washing and sanitizing, and more — the demand for a sanity-saving, indoor play couch hit an all-time high. 

If you're new here - we grew about 600% last year around the holidays. The joy of the Nugget couch organically leapfrogged from classrooms to playrooms to daycares nationwide, faster than we could ever predict. We dubbed 2020 our year to scale responsibly and aim to create a better purchasing experience for all Nuggeteers. COVID may have thrown us ALL for a loop, but we stayed the course and we're proud to announce that this fall we'll be opening a new factory eight times the size of our current HQ. We can’t wait to share more about it in the weeks to come. 

Until then, the demand for Nuggets is going to exceed the number we can make, and that’s going to mean releases without enough stock to go around. Particularly in such uncertain times, we won’t pre-sell an unlimited amount of inventory without a clear plan on how and when it could get to you. That wouldn’t be right. For this release, we’re only selling an amount that we feel very confident about shipping by the end of September (barring any COVID-related delays).  If you’re on and ready to go at 12 pm EST, your chances of securing a Nugget are good. But for the reasons above, there’s no guarantee, either. If you miss out this time - there will be more! 

Finally, we know not being able to get what you want for the kiddos in your life can be frustrating, and we get that. They deserve the best! Especially now. We are asking for you to trust that we believe that too - which is why we're doing everything we can to make and ship orders without sacrificing quality and the amazing people that make them. When your order is packed up and shipped out of Nugget HQ here in North Carolina - you can be confident that you have purchased something for your Nuggeteers that is Certified Nuggety.
Below, we've laid out the answers to as many questions as we could think of (with your help) about next week's release. 


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Is my item “held” in my cart while I check out?

No, putting products in your cart DOES NOT hold the product for you. Your Nuggets and Cover Sets are only yours after you pay for them! This is very important. We can't use a reserve cart function on our site because our e-comm platform does not offer that function anymore! It will queue you up for payment based on where you fell into line with other customers - this is the fairest way. Research shows that reserve cart functions are actually less preferred by customers—so many people put their info in at checkout and end up abandoning their carts, making inventory unavailable for other customers. If you see an order #, it means you got it! An email confirmation will be auto-sent to the email you entered on the order. If you don't see one within a few hours, email our CS team and we will correct any typos that were entered at checkout!​

Do I need to order now if I want a Nugget for Christmas? Will there be another restock before the  holidays?

First things first! We plan to make Nuggets and Cover Sets available again later this year, so this won't be your last opportunity to score a Nugget before the holidays. However, if history is any indicator, demand will likely be higher the closer we get to holiday season. Sooo...we're not going to tell you when to order, but if you're worried about it, you may choose to do some Christmas in (almost) July shopping! Keep in mind, a new factory this holiday season means WAY more Nuggets going out the door to kiddos — so even if you miss out this go 'round, you'll have another chance in time for gift-giving.

Just remember that Nuggets need to be unboxed upon arrival, so make sure you have a place to store your open Nugget for a few months! 

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What is the cancellation policy for this drop?

Pre-orders are 100% refundable until your order ships out. We know that circumstances can change quickly in today's world, and we want you to feel 100% comfortable with your purchase!

However, please remember that we have lots of friends who are eager to get their first Nugget, and we want them to have the opportunity to do so! Orders that are placed in haste and then canceled prevent future Nuggeteers from joining this wonderfully fun community. We ask that you keep them in mind when you're ordering. ❤️

Will I be charged at time of purchase or time of shipping?

Your card will be charged upon purchase. 

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What time should I be on?

The release will start at our usual time — 12 pm noon EST! 

What colors will be available?

We'll have every color you currently see on our website for sale. That's Koala, Blackbeard, Submarine, Harbor, Rosebud, Stardust, Taxicab, Bamboo, Lagoon, Pebble, Beanstalk, Broadway, and Peachtree. All thirteen will be available in both Cover Sets and Nuggets!

Can I enter payment info/shipping address ahead of time? What’s the fastest way to check out?

If you're looking for ways to speed up the check-out process, we recommend creating an Account on our website. This allows you to save your shipping address, and later, view any pending orders or previous purchases! If you've already got an Account (high fives!),  make sure your shipping address is correct! 

We don't have a way for you to store payment information, but having your shipping address ready to go will allow you to move faster. You're able to use Apple Pay and Google Pay as quicker payment options, or you could have your credit card info copied and ready to paste during the ordering process. 

Is this the final restock for any colors?

This is the final showing for Broadway! If that's the color that makes your heart sing, make sure to grab one before it exits stage left!

Do all colors go live at the same time?

Yes, all colors of Nuggets and Cover Sets will go live at the same time (12 pm Noon EST). 

Restock tip compassCan I still get the Multipack discount if my husband/sister/mom/fourth cousin and I order in separate orders? 

The Multipack discount only applies to Nuggets in the same cart! So, no, you won't get $25 off your 2nd Nugget if your crew is helping you order. 

Will Affirm or PayPal be available at checkout?

You can use Affirm at checkout, but Paypal isn't available. 

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Why an item limit per order?

Our data shows that most of our customers don't buy lots of Nuggets at once — they build their Nugget collections over time.

However, due to the unique circumstances of 2020, we're working with limited capacity to ensure safety, and we're seeing *big Kahuna* demand because more kiddos are staying at home. Just like toilet paper in the grocery store this year - we're limiting to two Nuggets (and/or two Cover Sets) per household for this release. During times like this where we've all been given an opportunity to do our part, lean into, get to know, and support our communities, we've decided to give more children the opportunity for more safe, exciting, open-ended play. We hope you can understand. When supply is less of an issue, we don't plan to have these limits in the future. 

Is the cart limit by billing or shipping address?

The cart limit is dictated by the shipping address! We will only allow four total items (a maximum of two Nuggets and two Cover Sets) to go to one address with this release. If additional orders for a single address come through beyond those quantities, they will be canceled and added back to inventory. 

Is it a limit of two items per product, or two items total?

The cart limit is two items per product, per household. The maximum order for the restock will be two Nuggets (the same color, or different colors) and two Cover Sets (same color, or different colors). 

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Do you expect to close again due to COVID?

We do not expect to close again, but the data out of North Carolina this past week has been a needed (and sobering) reminder that during a pandemic, everything — including foam couches — comes with an asterisk. If at any point there are changes to our production schedule that could cause us to miss our estimated dates, rest assured that we will make that known, here and by email (and maybe by carrier pigeon, just to make sure). Thank you for all the support as we try to balance customer needs with the constraints of a public health crisis.

When will orders ship?

The world we're living in could change on a dime, but barring any unforeseen delays that could put a damper on our production times, we're estimating that pre-orders will ship no later than the end of September. We're doing everything we can to get Nuggets out as quickly and safely as possible!

Will I be able to edit my shipping address after checking out?

We are able to correct or update shipping addresses within the same state. If you notice a typo in the street name, house number, city, etc - send us an email so we can correct it (hq@nuggetcomfort.com). We cannot make out-of-state shipping address changes. If you have an interstate move coming up, we recommend shipping it to someone that can easily receive and forward for you!  

If you do happen to enter your state incorrectly or need to change it, you can contact us to cantcel your order, and, if your same product is available, to place the order again. If you cancel and re-order, you will lose your place in the shipping queue. 

I’m international, do I pay a shipping fee per box?

Yes! Additional shipping fees, whether they are for Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, or otherwise, are added on a per-package basis. 

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When do Redwood and Atlantis release?

Heyyy, super fans! We see you keeping track of those Instagram teases! 😉 We won't be releasing any new colors in this pre-sale -- the colors currently listed on the site are the ones that will be available on the 25th, in both Nugget and Cover Set form! That means you get to choose from Koala, Submarine, Blackbeard, Harbor, Broadway, Beanstalk, Taxicab, Peachtree, Lagoon, Bamboo, Rosebud, Stardust, Pebble, Lions, Tigers, Bears, oh my! (Just kidding on those last three.) 

We'll have some new friends to introduce later this summer.

When will Pillow Packs restock?

We're so glad that you loved Pillow Packs and want to see them return! We're planning to make them available again later this year, but they won't be included in this pre-sale. 

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