What Would You Do with a Pillow Pack?

Three young girls playing on Nugget pillows: Snorkel, Cactus and Potion colors from left to right
Pillow Packs are back! And with their return, we’re excited to share some of our favorite ways to play with our signature triangular building blocks. Whether you’re a new-to-Nugget household or a veteran with countless Nuggets, Pillow Packs offer endless fun for everyone. Customize your builds, your colors, and your play with the best (and comfiest) building blocks in the playroom.

Perfect for baby milestones

Baby in onesie standing with help of a Sweetpea triangular pillow, with older siblings seated on Koala Nugget Couch in background
What’s cuter than a bouncy, fun-filled Pillow Pack? Add in a squishy baby just learning to stand! The dimensions of our triangular building blocks are perfect for the smallest Nuggeteers just learning to pull to stand, cruise, and walk.

With two pillows per pack, fun for everyone

Three kids wearing train conductor hats, seated on triangular pillows in Koala color. Wooden train toys in bottom left of photo.

All aboard! Pillow packs are the perfect size and shape for train rides, horse races, and race car practice. If you have more than two Nuggeteers at home, the two extra pillows per Pillow Pack ensure more fun and fewer squabbles over taking turns.

Playtime is open for business

Two Harbor-colored triangular pillows set up on their sides as a table, with a young girl wearing an apron playing barista

Coffee, anyone? Set up shop with one or two pillows and a dash of imagination. We’ve seen veterinarian offices, ice cream stands, coffee shops, grocery stores — you name it, a creative Nuggeteer has thought of it! Kids love incorporating real-world places into their play, and, with just the right dimensions and height, Pillow Packs help kids feel right at home in their play world.

Rainy day? Not a problem!

Little kid playing on four triangular pillows in Blackbeard color, arranged on floor like stepping stones

With just the right squish and bounce, our Pillow Packs are perfect as stepping stones, obstacle courses, super hero jumps, and the classic “floor is lava” game. Set up a basic course on those days when your little Nuggeteer is feeling extra wiggly and energetic. We actually look forward to the next rainy day when we’re stuck inside because we know it means extra Pillow Pack fun!

Snuggle up for story time

Two children reading picture books on a Nugget with Snorkel pillows. Younger sibling sitting in middle, smiling at camera.

After all the jumping, carousing, and climbing, Pillow Packs are also great for a calm reading nook. Nuggeteers of all ages use Pillow Packs as backrests while reading, movie nights, and hang outs — so grab your latest favorite read and enjoy a peaceful afternoon exploring a new story!

The more (toys), the merrier!

Child pointing excitedly at super hero figurines perched on top of Nugget couch and pillows in Blackbeard color.

Pillow Packs play well with other toys too. Build a tower, road, ramp, or castle and play for hours! After all, even superheroes sometimes need some extra support.

Nugget + Pillow Pack = even bigger builds

Two children reading and playing in a Nugget fort made of Koala, Sweetpea and Daybreak colors

For those who already own a Nugget, even better. Add in a Pillow Pack for more stable builds that can reach even higher towards your architectural dreams, or for unique builds that are one-of-a-kind.

One child sits in a Redwood and Bluejean Nugget fort, older sibling climbs up ramp on hands and knees

Custom color combos, just a click away

Child stands on top of Mayberry and Dewdrop Nugget build, holding a baby doll

Pillow Packs make it easier than ever to mix and match your colors, creating that just-right custom look you’ve always wanted. We love some of these featured pairings, but really, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

One child is in a Nugget fort, made of Cactus base and cushion and Saturn and Potion pillows, as another runs up to play
Ready to join in on the fun? Share your play and color customizations with us on Instagram by tagging us @nuggetcomfort.
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