Your Spring Restock Questions, Answered!

Stack of Nugget Cover Sets
After three full months with most of our colors unavailable (sorry), we're finally able to put them all back up once again. On March 27th at 12 Noon EST, we’re making all Nugget colors available, so customers can get their Nugget reserved. 

While we won't be able to ship them right away due to our factory shutdown, your purchase means you'll be in line for your Nugget, and won't have to keep checking back with us for more release details in the weeks ahead.  With that off your plate, you can worry about other things — like what the new screen time rules are under quarantine.

These Nuggets (and Cover Sets) will not ship until we are back in the factory and safely operating again. Due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, we're not sure when this will be. We promise that as soon as we're back at Nugget HQ, all restock customers will be emailed with an estimated shipping timeline. If at any time you want to cancel, you can do so for a full refund. Backorders will be 100% refundable up until your order ships out. If you're not comfortable with ordering now, given the circumstances, no problem! All of these colors will return again at least one more time.


Why are you releasing Nuggets on 3/27/20 without a shipping guarantee?
We had a planned restock in April but we moved up the restock due to the COVID pandemic and the impacts on our operations. We have many customers that just want to get their order in and reserved, so we wanted to help make that happen earlier rather than later! Any support now is greatly appreciated, but we also understand if this isn't the right time for you to order a Nugget. We'll be happy to take your order when this is all over, too! 

Is there a limited quantity/will you sell out?
Yes! We're capping each color's quantity, we don't want folks to have to wait forever for their order! An unlimited amount of orders would need to mean an unlimited amount of time to get them out - so we've tried to reach a balance to make a lot available because we know Nuggeteers want to reserve theirs, but also not overextend their lead time too much. 

If I add items to my cart, does it mean they're mine?
No, and this is important: putting items in your cart DOES NOT hold the item for you. Items are only yours after you pay for them and your Order # has been generated. We can't use a reserve cart function on our site because our e-comm platform (an industry leader) does not offer that function anymore! Research shows that reserve carts actually causes more frustration as it limits inventory. Once you order, you'll get a confirmation email to the email inbox you inputted on the order. If you don't get it right away, check your spam/junk folders. If it's still not showing up, email our customer team so that we can correct any typos for you and re-send it!

Can I use Paypal for this restock?
No, sorry! We're unable to offer Paypal for this restock. 

What will the price be? When will I be charged?
The Harbor Nugget will be $259, and all other Nuggets will be $229. The Harbor Cover Set will be $129, and all other cover sets will be $99. Your card will be charged upon purchase, just like normal on our site.

Will Cover Sets also be available? Will they ship faster?
Cover Sets will be available starting on 3/27/20, but since they are packed and shipped on a different line than Nuggets, we can't say whether they will ship faster or slower. We'll communicate estimates as soon as we're back at Nugget HQ when it's safer for our team to get back to work. 

What colors are included? 
Every color currently listed on our website will be available starting on 3/27/20. This includes Koala, Submarine, Blackbeard, Harbor, Broadway, Beanstalk, Taxicab, Peachtree, Lagoon, Bamboo, Rosebud, Stardust, and Pebble.

Which colors will you have first? Which colors will you have the most of?
We are manufacturing our colors in the ratios that they’ve sold in previously, and new quantities will be regularly refilling raw materials at HQ when we are back after the pandemic has settled. The reason we can’t specify a “fastest color to buy” is because, if we announced one, it would sell so many that it would get backed up more than other colors, defeating the purpose! We won’t be able to provide specific information about which color you should order for fastest delivery. 

Will you limit customers to one Nugget?
After looking at our data, more than 95% of orders from our restocks have been for one or two Nuggets only, so we haven't put a limit on carts for restocks. We do not have data showing that customers are purchasing more than a few Nuggets at once. If we see that this changes, we'll update this policy!

Can I change the shipping address on a Backorder?
We are able to correct or update most things in a shipping address. If you notice a typo in the street name, house number, city, etc - send us an email so we can correct it ( We cannot change state/provinces on a shipping address due to differences in taxes. If you have an interstate move coming up, we recommend shipping it to someone that can easily receive and forward for you! 

If you do happen to enter your state incorrectly or need to change it, you can contact us to cancel your order, and, if your same product is available, to place the order again. If you cancel and re-order, you will lose your place in the shipping queue. 

How early could my order arrive?
As soon as our local authorities say we can go back to work, we'll communicate with all customers waiting on their orders. We have a few weeks of pre-existing orders to get out the door (from before 3/27/20). After that, we'll start shipping out any Spring restock orders! You’ll know when it’s on the way,  of course — you’ll get a shipping email with a tracking link when it leaves us at Nugget HQ! 

Can I email customer service to get shipping updates regarding my order?
We'll communicate with all customers waiting on an order from us about our shipping estimates once we're back at Nugget HQ after local authorities say we can go back to work. Beyond those estimates, our customer team will not be able to provide additional info about the exact timing of your order. You'll get an email when it's on the way!

How long can a Nugget stay in it's box?
Nuggets don't like to live in their boxes, the sooner you can open up your Nugget the better. The Nugget travels to you tightly compressed and wrapped up like a foam burrito — but the longer it’s in there, the longer it will take to pop back to form and un-wrinkle, so we strongly recommend you open your box as soon as it lands on your front doorstep! Nuggets left in their box longer than 15 days from delivery will not be covered by our product defect guarantee.

Can gift cards be used for these restocks? 
Yes! Besides the extended shipping time, placing an order on 3/27/20 will work just like placing an order on our website normally. Gift card codes will be able to be entered during the checkout process. 

How does this affect the 30-Day Trial?
Our policy already begins on the day you receive your Nugget - for restocks, it will be no different. Starting on the day you receive your Nugget in the mail, you'll have 30 days to decide if it's as good as the customers in this post say it is, or if you want your money back.

Other questions about Nuggets? Our Instagram also has tons of information, from our feed of daily posts to our IG Story Highlights with facts about the product and usage, as well as tagged customer photos so you can see how the different colors look in real life:

P.S. — At Nugget HQ, we like to live by the same values we teach kids. We know it can be tempting to take out any frustration on a company's customer service team, but this is your reminder to choose kindness instead. Please remember real, thoughtful and hardworking humans are on our customer team here in North Carolina. To make sure your question is answered, please treat all employees of Nugget with the respect and kindness they deserve.

Thanks for reading, we are grateful for your support. If you have any more questions, please email us at