Can I carry it?

If you're old enough to read this, and maybe even if you're not, yes.

What room is the Nugget made for?

The playroom, the bedroom, the living room... basically any room. Thanks to its light weight and convenient carrying handles, moving the Nugget from room to room is like a magic trick. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat? We can’t help with that one.

Weight limit?

Nope! The Nugget is made of strong, supportive foam — without bendable and breakable bolts and bars. It's one size sits all.

Are the covers easy to take off and put back on?

Very. The zippers wrap from one end to the other of each piece, so friction is minimal, and you’ll feel like you're part of a NASCAR pit crew.

How do you assemble the Nugget?

Flop out the base, plop down the seat cushion, and top it with the triangle pillows. But that’s just the starting point. Castles, cruise ships and race cars await — how you arrange the pieces is up to you!