A New Home For Nugget

It's almost time for our MTV Cribs moment.

If you've reached out to our Customer team to ask about inventory sell-outs or restock dates at any point over the past few months, you probably got tired of hearing, “don’t worry, a new factory is on the way!” (and our Customer team probably got tired of saying it, too). We told so many people about our new HQ, and have been saying it for so long, that it began to feel like a mirage, or something maybe we had collectively imagined, rather than something real.

Well, we have some good news for you (and our Customer team): it’s everything that we imagined, and it’s also very real. And very big.

Nugget Butner Factory

The new Nugget HQ factory in Butner, North Carolina — where, in future, post-COVID times, our entire company will all work together — will open its doors and production lines for business in early October.

NOTE: This isn't an additional location: our entire Hillsborough operation is relocating to the new HQ. 

Our new facility is 100,000 square feet of Willy Wonka-meets-kids-furniture goodness, with conveyors going up, down, around, taking foam exactly where it needs to go without ever touching the ground. At eight times the size of our current factory, it will allow us to produce thousands of Nuggets per day, all while maintaining our focus on quality. And since we were still in the design process of the factory during the onset of the coronavirus, we've been able to take safety precautions into consideration, making our facility as safe as possible during COVID.

Over the next few weeks, as we open up the new Nugget HQ and get things up to speed, and as we approach the release of more Nuggets (sign up here for updates!), we’ll be using the BIG! blog to take you behind the scenes of our factory buildout adventure — from our COVID preparations for this winter, to the new faces around Nugget, to some truly nitty-gritty details, like why a new trash compactor might be our CEO’s favorite piece of equipment in the whole factory.

We hope you enjoy these BIG! stories from our team over the next few weeks, and we’re grateful, as always, for your support. For not only shopping with us, but cheering us on in every step of our journey. Not every company likes to show their work, but we do — and it's made all the more rewarding by the way our customers follow along and play a part.

We’ve come a long way in just a short time, and we can't wait to see what's ahead. Our new HQ is the next (big!) step.