You're out of stock in my color — when will it be back?

We’re sorry for the limited inventory for so many of our colors, and we’re working hard to make larger quantities as soon as possible! We don’t have exact restock dates right now, but we expect for all colors to be re-released during the month of March, likely in a string of grouped releases similar to those in January.

You can check back on our site throughout the month of March, but the best way to know well in advance that a color is coming back is to join its notification list. On the product page, select the color you are interested in, and in place of the Add To Cart button, hit the teal button that says Sign Up For Waitlist, and enter your email address on the next page. As soon as we know the release date for your selected color, you’ll start receiving emails, up until a final email from us on launch day.

If you need your Nugget in the month of February, may we recommend Starfish or Blackbeard?

Why are so many colors out of stock?

For as long as we’ve done Nugget (circa 2015), one thing has stayed constant: the longer Nugget is out there, the more people begin to see how its folding, flopping, building and stacking possibilities could change home life as they knew it. Never was that clearer than this past holiday season, when we shipped out more Nuggets than we shipped in all of 2017 combined.

With the holidays over, those holiday customers are sharing their Nugget experiences with friends, family members and other aspiring foam fort-builders, who end up wanting one (or more) for themselves. Unfortunately, because of those same holiday sales, we don’t yet have the supply to meet all that demand. Through the hard work of our operations team and our fabric partners, we will be over the hump soon, and stock outages will be a thing of the past. In the meantime, we’ll use email, Instagram, and our site, to provide regular updates about when to expect new stock. Thanks for your patience — our goal is to reward you for your wait with the best kids furniture imaginable.

How can I get in touch?

We’re still a small team, so to serve as many customers as thoroughly as possible, we don’t take phone calls. Emails to (within 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST) are answered within 48 hours, but often much quicker than that. Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well, where our Stories are regularly updated with answers to popular questions.

Do you offer a discount if I buy more than one?

Yes! Because the only thing more fun than one Nugget is two. We offer a Multipack discount automatically in the cart. We’ll take off $25 per each additional Nugget in the cart — so you can save $25 on a 2-pack, $50 on a 3-pack, and $75 on a 4-pack, and so on. Just add the Nuggets you want in your cart, and the discount will automatically apply!

Is shipping really free?

Yes! We ship from Nugget HQ to your doorstep for free within the contiguous United States.

What comes in the box?

Each Nugget ships in a big orange box, and a full set is four pieces. The four pieces (two supportive pillows, one thinner soft seat cushion and one thicker sturdy base) are compressed and rolled tightly in the box — then shipped via Fedex right to your door.

Where can I buy a Nugget?

We value being able to pack and ship each Nugget here at Nugget HQ in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Because we make and ship all Nuggets, the only place to buy a Nugget or Nugget cover set is right here on our site.

Can I wash it?

With ease! The microsuede is really durable, and machine washing works great. Wash cold by itself, and hang dry to prevent shrinking. For the small stuff, we recommend spot cleaning with a moist cloth or a carpet/upholstery cleaner.

Do Nuggets ever go on sale?

Sorry, we don’t do big discounts or sales at Nugget. But it’s not all bad: keeping our price point consistent year-round allows us to pay our production staff a living wage, maintain our commitment to high-quality materials, and treat our customers fairly, past and present, no matter what time of year they purchased.

How long can I keep it compressed in the box?

Nuggets don’t like to live in their boxes, the sooner you can open up your Nugget the better. The Nugget travels to you tightly compressed and wrapped up like a foam burrito — but the longer it’s in there, the longer it will take to pop back to form and un-wrinkle, so we strongly recommend you open your box as soon as it lands on your front doorstep!

What’s the 30-day trial?

It’s how you can rest assured you’re going to love the Nugget. We’re 100% confident in the product, so we want you to find out it’s 100% great for you. For 30 days with the Nugget, try it out, then keep it if it’s everything you imagined it could be. Or return it for free if you imagined something else. We can comfortably offer this trial period because returns happen almost never (had to toot our own horn there).

Is there a product guarantee?

Nuggets were made for imagination, relaxation, and everything in between, which means that their zippers, seams and handles should stand up to everyday use. We’re not happy when they don’t, but we’re more than happy to replace any and all manufacturing defects within a year of purchase. Just email with a picture of the issue along with your Order Confirmation number. It’s our way of saying we don’t just sit on Nugget — we stand behind it.