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Our Impact

Playing the long game

At Nugget, our giving is inspired by kids’ natural curiosity and openness, and their ability to perceive the world not just as it is, but how it could be. 

With the support of our partner organizations and Nuggeteers like you, we're on a quest to build a future for kids in which equity and opportunity exist for all. To date, we’ve given $1 million in philanthropic donations — both in-kind and cash gifts — to nonprofits working to serve our communities. Here’s a quick look at our giving programs and key partners:

Cover Club

We launched our Cover Club program in the early days of the 2020 pandemic, when we saw many nonprofits providing critical services while struggling to raise much-needed funds. With ticket purchases and cash matches from Nugget, we’ve raised $658k for our partner organizations.

Fighting for equity

Too many children live within systems designed to serve others: those with a different zip code, skin color, or heritage. Nugget is proud to directly donate to organizations that advocate for equality, equity, and safety, especially as it applies to marginalized and vulnerable communities, people of color, and victims of institutional discrimination.

Cash Donations


If we want the next generation to dream big, we need to keep them physically safe first. To further that end, Nugget has donated $30k to Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization working to enact meaningful gun legislation across the U.S. We’ve also used our platform to encourage everyone to contact their elected representatives and advocate for sensible gun laws.

Indigenous Peoples

We continually strive to keep learning truths and unlearning incorrect history about our nation. To date, we’ve donated $7,500 to local North Carolina tribes for their youth services programs. Our Nugget HQ in Butner, NC is located on Lumbee, Cheraw, Catawba, and Occaneechi lands, and our Atlanta creative studio is located on Muscogee (Creek) Nation lands.

Black Futures

Here at Nugget, we celebrate Black History Month as Black Futures Month — amplifying Black stories, holding space for Black joy, and supporting organizations that work towards a future of play and potential. In addition to our $100,000 support of Equity Before Birth via Cover Club and follow up $10,000 the year after, we’ve directly donated $30,000 to Black creative organizations that prioritize play and self expression. 

Investing in hands-on play and learning

We’re proud to be the title sponsor for ImagiFAB, a STEAM-focused exhibit at Marbles, a Raleigh-based children’s museum. The exhibit design empowers children to explore hands-on skills, from woodworking to computer design, while highlighting career opportunities in STEAM fields for all, in NC and beyond. Since its opening in 2021, Nugget has donated $180k, in addition to dozens of play couches — perfect for budding engineers and tinkerers! 

Unwavering support for public education

Teachers are heroes in our communities, and they’re in a unique position to encourage and influence the next generation. All children deserve to have healthy, creative, and playful educational experiences — and that requires resources. 

We’re proud to have given more than $60k in product donations to public school classrooms through our own programs and giveaways, and to have donated a total of $57,500 to nonprofits like DonorsChoose and Student U.

We strive to support the most creative people on Earth — kids! — by imagining and creating a more equitable and just future. Our impact today is important, but our impact tomorrow is critical. Thank you, Nuggeteers, for the many ways you’ve helped us play the long game for the next generation.