Nuggety Styling Guide: Our Fabrics

Durable. Machine washable. Infinitely buildable and endlessly slide-able. Comfortable for kids ages 1-101, and their pets too. We could go on and on about our love of microsuede, so for this post on the Nugget blog, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

The Magic of Microsuede

Microsuede is a fabric made from high-performance, superfine fiber polyester. The polyester is brushed with a steel brush, which transforms the filaments or fibers into the soft pile, or texture, of the fabric that Nuggeteers know and love. Because microsuede is made up of many, many tiny fibers, the fabric softens over time as the fibers loosen with each wash — just like that favorite pair of jeans you love.

Most of our Nuggets and Cover Sets, from Classics to Limited Editions, are made with microsuede. Even our special edition patterns have been in our smooth microsuede. This play-friendly fabric can withstand just about anything and stands up to the test of time. Because it’s made of durable polyester, spills don’t absorb immediately, making a quick clean-up a breeze. For bigger messes, toss it in the wash, no problem. 

With microsuede, we had found the ideal fabric for the Nugget. But what if it turned out that there was more than one kind? 

Double the (Microsuede) Love

As long-time Nuggeteers know, not every Nugget is covered in our original microsuede. Why would we introduce something new, given our love for our first cover material? Pet owners may already know the answer. Adorable, beloved NugDogs and NugCats see a comfy couch, low to the ground, and assume it’s for them. While sharing is caring, the downside of a little cat nap on a Nugget is that microsuede can pick up animal hair. Don’t worry, it’s easy to lint roll, vacuum, or machine wash microsuede — but — we wanted to support more play and less cleaning for busy Nuggeteer families.

So, the search began. We tested various fabrics for a good two years, but we kept coming back to our beloved microsuede as a solution, just in a slightly different form: double-brushed microsuede. 

The original polyester is brushed not once but, as the name may give away, twice. This creates grooves in the fabric, which can help hide animal hair and debris, while delivering the softness, durability, and playability that Nuggeteers love and expect. The double brushing gives the colors a rich sheen and texture that brings a cozy, luxe vibe to any home. Currently, we have three Limited Edition Nuggets available in a double-brushed microsuede: Atlantis, Redwood, and Harbor

Microsuede Covers: A Cozy Blanket for your Nugget

We may be biased, but microsuede is a truly wonderful invention. Nugget covers are made of fabric that can do it all: slide, build, mix’n’match between microsuede and double-brushed, play, wash, the list goes on and on. 

Curious how to care for your Nugget? We’ve got you covered. Want to learn more? We covered a lot of ground with this IG highlight about Harbor. Want us to stop with the cover puns? It’s a hard habit to break. We’ll just have to disguise them better, like the characters in those spy movies… what’s that called again? Oh yeah: going undercover.