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Durable. Machine washable. Infinitely buildable and endlessly slide-able. Comfortable for kids and kids-at-heart, and their pets too. We could go on and on about our love of Nuggety fabrics, so for this post on the blog, that’s exactly what we’re going to do

Meet the Fabric Fam

From light and soft to ultra-cozy, there’s a Nugget fabric for every Nuggeteer. Our fabric family tree includes microsuede, double-brushed microsuede, and corduroy – all carefully created to put the “fun” in “functional.”

Our microsuede fabrics are made with a durable, high-performance polyester, and our corduroy is made using a polyester-nylon blend. All three fabrics are equally soft, durable, and buildable, but there are some differences in texture.

Three circular swatches of Nugget fabrics: (from left to right) Microsuede in Koala, a calm cool gray; Double-brushed Microsuede in Atlantis, a peacock teal; and Corduroy in Lilypad, a fresh, fern green.

The Magic of Microsuede

Classic microsuede is our original, high-performance polyester, and the smoothest-feeling fabric in the collection. It has a suede-like finish — hence the name! — and it’s durable enough to withstand just about anything, including the test of time.

Double the (Microsuede) Love

Side by side comparison photo of three double-brushed microsuede fabrics, in Harbor, Redwood, and Atlantis

Double-brushed microsuede is very similar, but it’s brushed twice during production to create little grooves that give the fabric deeper dimension and a soft, luxe texture. It also has a slight sheen in certain lighting. We’ve found that the small grooves of our double-brushed microsuede can help hide pet hair and debris, making it a great option for homes with four-legged family members!Three Nugget pillows with different color covers stacked side by side, one microsuede in Saturn, and two in double-brushed microsuede in Redwood and Harbor

Corduroy: A Blast from the Past

Finally, our latest fabric is a velvety-soft blast from the past: Corduroy! Its ridges (called wales in the biz) are medium weight, providing a plush texture with plenty of grip for your most ambitious builds.

A close up of Nugget's corduroy fabric in Bearhug, a plush, caramel brown.