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A Rodeo Nugget set up as a couch, against a white wall with black railing on stairs in backgroundFrom its first introduction to the Nugget corral to today, Rodeo continues to be a beloved color, combining a warm, earth tone with all the adventurous energy of the Wild West. 

Rodeo, a rusty, burnt orangeWhether your style leans more bohemian or mid-century modern, gallop (don’t trot) to snag a Rodeo Nugget. We’ve rounded up this styling guide to show the versatility of Rodeo in all kinds of spaces. 

A child crawls through a Nugget tunnel made with a Rodeo Nugget and kitchen counter

Make Neutrals the Mane Event

Rodeo and Sandcastle are a dynamic duo that give off all the boho neutral vibes. Paired with golden Sandcastle, Rodeo shows off its warmth without feeling overly saturated or like a show pony in a room full of neutrals.

A child walks across a wooden plank connecting two Nuggets, one in Sandcastle color and the other in Rodeo

Stirrup A Pop of Color

Clean lines and modern, neutral tones love to team up with Rodeo. Take Harbor for example: the classic charcoal gray acts as the perfect partner for Rodeo’s pop of color. Its canyon-colored glow feels right at home in the neighborhood of cream, gray, and black shades (including Koala!).

Photo is shot from overhead: Two children play on a Rodeo Nugget tucked into the L of a gray couch.Lasso Up Warm and Cool Tones

Paired with Daybreak, a misty agave, Rodeo balances out cool hues with its balmy warmth. The color combo feels playfully retro in a mid-century modern room, but not so funky that you’ll feel like you have to rein it in, no matter what type of space you’re working with. 

Two Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison: Rodeo, a rusty, burnt orange on top, and Daybreak, a misty agave, on bottom.

Say Howdy to Earthy Greens

Green is a complementary color to orange, making Bamboo and Willow a natural partner to the likes of Rodeo. These two calming, verdant greens combined with Rodeo’s sunset shade create a bold, eclectic palette that brings serious style horsepower and feels very California-cool. 

Three Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison: From left to right, Bamboo, Willow, and RodeoHow do you style Rodeo? Share with us on Instagram @nuggetcomfort and check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.