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One Nugget Builds

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Part-toy, part-furniture, and endless fun, the Nugget is a launchpad for imaginative, open-ended play. Here are just a few ways you can get started with playtime, inspired by real #NuggetCreations submitted by Nuggeteers!

Part toy, part furniture, and all the endless fun. The Nugget play couch is the one piece of furniture your space needs — and it’s the dynamic toy your kids have always wanted. Get Nugget playtime ideas with our One-Nugget Builds, Two-Nugget Builds, Three-Nugget Builds, and Four-Nugget Builds. We’re giving you the ultimate launchpad for play to get you started on a lifetime of adventure with your new favorite play couch. Feel inspired, channel your inner imagination, get playtime ideas, and explore all the ways that you can make this versatile and durable couch a keepsake for your home. From pirate ships to castles, automobiles to play forts (and much more!), our Nugget couch is the perfect way to inspire your child’s imagination and give them the ultimate play item that will also stylishly complement your home.