Safety is our highest priority, which is why our products have been tested by a CPSC-accredited laboratory, and are certified to comply with all applicable Children’s Product Safety Rules.

As used in this Safe and Proper Use Manual, the term “Nugget Products” includes The Nugget®, Chunk™, Cover Sets and Liner Sets.

Compliance with this Safe and Proper Use Manual is required for all Nugget Products to avoid any serious injuries.

Safety Information

  • Adult supervision REQUIRED for use of all Nugget Products.
  • NO SLEEPING – DO NOT use Nugget Products for sleeping.
  • Age suitability:
    • THE NUGGET is suitable for children ages 1+ years.
    • CHUNK is suitable for children ages 3+ years.
  • ALWAYS use Nugget Products in open spaces and on stable surfaces.
    • ALWAYS set up builds and configurations low to the ground and supervise use; the foam components in Nugget Products are not rigid.
    • DO NOT use Nugget Products on or near stairs or objects with sharp corners.
    • DO NOT place heavy items on top of Nugget Products when someone is inside or underneath.
    • DO NOT enclose a person inside Nugget Products.
  • ALWAYS dispose of plastic coverings and other packaging materials immediately after unboxing your Nugget Product.

Product Care and Maintenance

  • ONLY use Nugget Products indoors.
  • NEVER use Liner Sets without an outer cover.
  • Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on our website to learn more about taking care of your Nugget Products.