Nugget Styling Guides

Redecorating a room and looking for a particular style? Ever wondered what color Nugget you should get to match your first – or fifth – Nugget? From interior design tips to color pairings, our Styling Guides are a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge.


A Koala-ty Color

Styling Koala, our calm, cool gray.

Exploring Blueridge Style

A classic navy in our double-brushed microsuede.

Hang ten with Surfside

This breezy, eventide blue adds a splash of effortless cool to any room.

Harbor, a Classic Color

Styling our snuggly, charcoal gray that stands out amongst its Nuggety piers.

Bellbottom, a retro sky blue

An effortlessly cool Nugget that’s a flawless fit in all the places you play.

Blossom, a charming pastel peach

This light, airy color adds a vibrant, pick-me-up energy to any room — inviting you to bloom wherever you play.

Lemonade: Your new zest friend forever

Add some zest to playtime with our classic, cheerful yellow.

Dream big with Moonshot

This fresh, futuristic lilac is our dreamiest purple yet.

Hop into Dunebuggy

Channel the casual West Coast aesthetic with this beachy, vintage beige.

Cozy up to Willow

A verdant, forest green in our double-brushed microsuede.

Atlantis, a Hidden Treasure

A peacock teal in our double-brushed microsuede.

Bamboo, a Mossy, Comforting Sage

A natural fit for earth-tones and neutrals.

Fore! Fairway Incoming!

A hole-in-one color ⛳

Neptune Style, Back in Orbit

Our bold cobalt blue is out of this world!

Lolly, our Candy Crush 💖

A cool, candy pink 🍭

Sandcastle, a Golden, Sandy Neutral

Perfectly pairable with earth tones, neutrals, and cool hues.

Start your Days on the Brightside

Our sunny, cheerful mango brings fun to every room.

Starfish, a Vibrant Coral

Create your own tropical escape with Starfish.

Styling our signature Nuggeteer orange

This playful, celebratory orange is designed to surprise, delight, and spark new inspo for your home.

Sugarplum, a rich corduroy confection

This rich jewel-tone plum adds subtle style to any room and has us dreaming of adventures in the great indoors.

Dragonfly, a reimagined fan favorite

Enchant your space with this lush emerald green in double-brushed microsuede.

Get Your Paws on Bearhug

Styling cozy corduroy in a plush, caramel brown.

Jump Into Play with Lilypad

A fresh, fern green in our cozy corduroy.

Daybreak, a Misty Agave

A serene color to start any day with peace of mind.

Lasso Some Style with Rodeo

Our burnt orange is happy to be the mane event in any room.

Cactus, a Fan-Favorite Minty Green

Plays well with brights and neutrals.

Say Hello to Hello Kitty

Bring Hello Kitty’s iconic look, including her signature bow, to your home with this gentle, sweet design.

The Nugget x Sesame Street Collection

The lovable, huggable Elmo Nugget and the scrumptious Cookie Monster Nugget

Looking Up (to) Redwood Style

An earthy, brick red in our double-brushed microsuede.

Our Pastel Trio: Mayberry, Sweetpea, and Daybreak

A calm and comforting collection of colors.

A Deep Dive into Snorkel

Splash! Add color to any room with Snorkel.

Potion, an Enchanting Ultraviolet

This purple cast a spell on us – we're bewitched!

Nugget puts creativity and smart design right at your fingertips! That's because your favorite play couch can also make a major style impact in your home. Whether you're redecorating a room, adding a pop of color to your space, or just looking for a refreshing update that your kids will love, our Style Guides can help you elevate your home décor while keeping playtime fun. These Style Guides feature design tips, imaginative color pairings, and easy ways to incorporate a colorful Nugget into your room. We can also help you choose Cover Set colors to match the season, or bring a bright dose of color to a small space. Whether you're mixing and matching your first Nugget couch or your fifth, we promise it'll be a game changer for your space. From our hottest new color drops to our most popular hues, we invite you to explore our inspiring design ideas in our Style Guides.