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Coral triangle character dressed like a rock star, standing in front of amps made of sand-colored Nugget pillows on a sandy beach, with shell stage lights pointed at center stageA long requested color is ready to return to the spotlight. The crowds chant its name as it takes to the stage… “STARFISH, STARFISH!” This bright, vibrant coral is ready to rock’n’roll, brightening up any playroom, living room, or mood. Back by popular demand, Starfish is available once again — in full Nugget, Cover Set, and Pillow Pack form.

Starfish, a bright, vibrant coralWondering how Starfish will jam with other colors? While Starfish isn’t afraid to take a solo, you can find beautiful harmonies when it plays with others, from colorful brights to classic neutrals. Rock – err, read – on for more details.

Clockwise: Potion, Saturn, Cactus, Starfish, and Snorkel Nugget pillows all in a circle, showcasing the brights Nugget offers

Bring on the Brights

Starfish loves to share the spotlight with another bright, fun-loving color: Cactus! 

Two kids lying on a Cactus colored Nugget couch with Starfish pillows, balls from a ball pit strewn about the floor

A Starfish and Cactus Nugget pillow side by side, with text and arrows identifying which is which


All Eyes on You, Starfish

Pair Starfish with white walls and black accents for a fun pop of color sure to steal the show.

Kid wearing all black and holding a bright pink play guitar lying down on a Starfish Nugget, wall art above says "Rock and Roll Means Freedom"

Brighten a Lullaby-Sweet Room

Punk rock not your style? Starfish also loves to sing sweet melodies, paired with white and cream nurseries and bedrooms.

Kid lying on back in a Nugget fort and singing into a microphone

Plug in the amps and get ready to rock: Starfish is back! Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.