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Nugget x Hello Kitty collaboration: The Hello Kitty Nugget, set up in a gentle, sweet room. Hello Kitty's iconic features are on two white Nugget pillows, the pink base is folded over, and the gingham cushion is propped up to form a tent.We incorporated Hello Kitty’s iconic style (including the bow, of course!) into a gentle, gingham-patterned design that is sure to add poise and polish to any playroom or nursery it lives in. 

Two girls lounge in a living room, one on the Hello Kitty Nugget set up in couch formation, one on the window sill above the Nugget.The microsuede Nugget features a directional, gingham-patterned thinner cushion and solid powder pink base, both with pink zippers. The Hello Kitty Nugget pillows feature applique and embroidered elements on Hello Kitty’s eyes, nose, and her signature bow.

Compared to other Nuggety pinks, the Hello Kitty base is closest in hue to our retired color, Piglet, and significantly lighter than Rosebud and Lolly. Sweetpea has deeper undertones than the delicate, light pink of Hello Kitty. 

A 2x3 grid of color swatches, showing how the Hello Kitty Nugget compares to other Nugget pinks. Row one, left to right: Rosebud, Hello Kitty's gingham pattern, and Sweetpea. Row two, from left to right: Lolly, Hello Kitty's powder pink base, and Piglet.

While there’s so much to love about the Hello Kitty Nugget, from the uniquely Nuggety interpretation of Hello Kitty to the playful pink and gingham design, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the versatility for styling in homes! Just like its namesake, the Hello Kitty Nugget is fashion-forward and ready to shine with different styles. 

A Cool Combination

Hello Kitty can never have too many friends – and the Hello Kitty Nugget can never have too many friendly colors for styling. Take our grays, for example!  We love styling the Hello Kitty Nugget with Koala and Harbor, which act as supporting BFFs to Hello Kitty’s palette.  A child stands on a Nugget tower comprised of Koala, a calm, cool gray and the Hello Kitty Nugget. The child is tossing one of the Hello Kitty pillows down onto a pillow stack in front of the tower.

Bright Days Ahead

Hello Kitty is known for her positivity and cheer – just like our bright hues, including Starfish and Brightside! Starfish adds an energetic pop of rich color while Brightside adds warmth and playfulness. Round out the style with Daybreak, which provides a cool-toned counterpoint to the brights. A color swatch showing three Nugget colors (Brightside, Daybreak, and Starfish) between the Hello Kitty gingham (on top) and pink (on bottom).

A child lounges between two sections of the Hello Kitty Nugget, which are set up like small chairs with a base and pillow as one chair and cushion and pillow as other.

Blue Never Goes Out of Style

Pair the Hello Kitty Nugget with Blueridge, our grounded, classic navy, for a calm color combination, or consider an unexpected pop of color with Neptune and Cactus. As Hello Kitty likes to say, sometimes it’s time to shine!A color swatch showing two Nugget colors (Neptune and Cactus), between the Hello Kitty gingham (on left) and pink (on right).Show us your Hello Kitty style by tagging us on Instagram @nuggetcomfort, and check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.