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A child stands on stepping stones near a Harbor Nugget; a pale green couch and soothing colors are in the background.As one of our first double-brushed microsuede offerings, Harbor has long stood out amongst its Nugget piers as a Classic. From its snuggly texture to its calming hue, there’s so much to love about Harbor. 

Harbor, a snuggly charcoal grayWhether you have a tried-and-true style or are setting sail for a new look, Harbor is a great launching point! Harbor will navigate between warm and cool tones, adapting to the overall palette with ease. When pairing with three colors, we recommend Harbor as the neutral between a warm and cool tone – just like a harbor is the meeting of land and sea.

A Coastal Combination

Layer grays with greens and you’ll be right at home in Stockholm or Oslo (also two famous harbors!). We love how Harbor looks with Koala, our lighter gray shade, and either Bamboo or WillowA stack of Nugget pillows for color comparison: (From top, clockwise) Koala, Bamboo, Harbor, and Willow

A Balanced Palette

A child balances on a wooden balance board in front of a Harbor Nugget and bookshelf.For coastal or California casual styles, consider matching Harbor with Sandcastle, a warm-tone color, and Daybreak, a cool-tone color. 

Nugget pillows stacked up for color comparison: (From left to right) Harbor, Sandcastle, and Daybreak

A Sea of Style Options

For a modern rustic combination perfect for fall, pair Harbor with Rodeo, our rusty, burnt orange. 

Two Nugget pillows side by side for color comparison: Harbor and RodeoWe can just see how perfect Rodeo would complement this space, adding the perfect autumnal accent! 

Three children sit in front of a Harbor Nugget build. The older two are whispering a secret while the younger child looks on.For a bit of an about-face, add Atlantis to the roster and change your route from modern rustic to a mid-century modern look. 

Three Nugget pillows placed side by side for color comparison: Atlantis, Rodeo, and Harbor

A Beacon of Fun

Lighthouse beams shine bright through a harbor – and so will our brights palette when paired with Harbor. We love how Fairway and Brightside bring a modern, fun aesthetic!

Two Nugget pillows side by side for color comparison: Fairway and HarborNow that we’ve explored some of the styling possibilities for this classic color – which will you try? Share your own Harbor style with us on Instagram @nuggetcomfort, and check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

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