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A child climbs up a Fairway Nugget cushion, while two siblings play in a Nugget tent made with a base and pillowTeammates from across Nugget have chipped in to get all the details pinned down, and now Fairway — our first ever kelly green — is here!

Fairway, a crisp kelly green

A Fairway Nugget character stands with legs crossed and hand on hip with a golf club in the other

Along with other Nugget brights like Neptune, Lolly, Starfish and Brightside, Fairway reminds us of summer days at the mini-golf course, of picking out our “lucky” color from the ball dispenser, and of the sound of the final putt, when our ball would drop into a plastic chute and disappear for good.

Four Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison: (from top, clockwise) Fairway, Starfish, Neptune, BrightsideBut don’t worry about a bogey – Fairway won’t disappear for a while. It joins our lineup as a Limited Edition color available in our original microsuede, and we’ve got more than enough in our bag to go around. Read on to learn more about this new color and our favorite caddy – err, color – pairings. 

A Crisp Kelly Green

Fairway is a cool-toned kelly green that fits in perfectly with our other brights. Compared to other greens in our color history, Fairway is lighter and cooler-toned than Beanstalk, and a deeper-toned green than our minty Cactus. 

Three Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison: (from top, clockwise) Fairway, Beanstalk, and Cactus

Styling Fairway to a Tee

Fairway pops beautifully with gray and black, bringing a mod and fun splash of color to a neutrals-driven space. Don’t be afraid to add other colors with Fairway – golf may be a solo sport, but this color definitely invites others along for the round!A child sits on a Nugget fort and gazes at the camera as their older sibling plays with a Nugget pillow. A light gray couch and bright pillows are in background.We love how Fairway looks with our neutral grays – Harbor and Koala – as well as our retired Blackbeard.Three Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison: (from top, clockwise) Fairway, Blackbeard, and KoalaIf you prefer lighter neutrals, consider Fairway for rooms with light, natural wood and white or neutral walls. A child slides down the Fairway Nugget cushion from the bottom bunkbed, while another child grins over to their sibling from a Nugget fort.

We can't wait to see Fairway in your homes! Tag us on Instagram @nuggetcomfort to share your style. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

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