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An Atlantis couch in a sunny room with a mod carpet, unique light fixture, yellow chair, and couch.In 2020, we set out to find the long lost city of Atlantis and found something even better: a luxuriously soft double-brushed microsuede in an exotic peacock teal, inspired by the deep ocean waters of its namesake city. 

Atlantis, an exotic peacock tealJust as the color of the ocean changes with each wave, Atlantis looks different in various rooms, ranging from a greener tone to a brighter teal depending on the lighting. But that only makes it more fun to style, as it can adapt to color pairings and decors with ease!

Cooler Currents Ahead

Pair Atlantis with Daybreak, Koala, and Harbor to pull out Atlantis’ cooler tones and bring color to the room. Four pillows stacked for color comparison: (from top, clockwise) Koala, Daybreak, Atlantis, Harbor

Head for the Seashore

Ready for a swimming break? Pair Atlantis with earth tones, Sandcastle and Rodeo, for a retro, mod look. Three Nugget pillows side by side for comparison: Atlantis, Sandcastle, and Rodeo (from left to right)Atlantis adds color and fun to an earth-toned palette, especially in rooms with brown leather furniture. A child plays on an Atlantis Nugget in a living room that features natural light, white and cream accents, and warm brown-toned furniture.

Inspired by Coral Reefs

Atlantis anchors a warm and bright combination when styled with Lolly, Starfish, and Brightside. Four Nugget pillows stacked for comparison: (From top, clockwise) Lolly, Starfish, Atlantis, BrightsideThis eclectic combination of colors can be introduced with accessories, as seen with the design on this rug, with Atlantis as the main statement piece in the room.A young child plays on an Atlantis Nugget in a room with a cream rug featuring a colorful, geometric designOf these colors, Brightside and Atlantis is all-waves a particular favorite of ours. While they may be opposite on the color wheel, they go together like the sun and sea!A child plays on a Nugget build, gazing at camera, with part of a Brightside and Atlantis Nugget in the foreground of image.We’ve discovered our very own treasure with Atlantis, a versatile color ready to jump into any room and make a splash. Of these styling possibilities, do you have a favorite? Share your Atlantis style with us on Instagram @nuggetcomfort! Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

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