A girl walks down a Bamboo Nugget ramp. The house has creamy light browns and cream accents.The first shoots of Bamboo, our comforting, mossy sage, joined the Nugget Shop in 2018. Since that time, the color has grown into a Nuggeteer staple, home to forts, slides, and game days (including Shoots and Ladders, of course). 

Bamboo, a comforting, mossy sageStyling this soothing green is a breeze, whether you’re sticking close to its hue with other greens or branching out across the color wheel. Read on to learn how we love to style Bamboo!

A Serene Green Palette

Bamboo and Willow are a beautiful pairing, especially with warm-toned neutrals and creams. 

A Nugget fort made out of two Nuggets: Bamboo, a sage green, and Willow, a forest green.Within our green color lineup, Bamboo is a true sage green, much lighter than Willow’s hunter green and more pastel than Fairway, a kelly green. Our mint, Cactus, shows its blue colors when paired next to our other greens.

Four Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison: (from top, going clockwise) Cactus, Fairway, Bamboo, and Willow

Keeping It Classic

While koalas tend to prefer eucalyptus, our Koala, a calm, cool gray, likes to hang out next to Bamboo. 

Gray Koala and green Bamboo Nugget pillows stacked for color comparisonExtend the color palette by adding in black and white accents. 

A child sits on a Bamboo Nugget, flipping through a picture book, a black and white polka-dot rug under his feet.

Branching Out Across the Color Wheel

We often see Daybreak, Rodeo, and Bamboo together in Nuggeteers’ homes, and for good reason – this trio of colors plays well together, with Bamboo and Daybreak’s subtle shades contrasted with Rodeo’s relatively bolder hue. 

Three Nugget pillows stacked for color comparison: (From top, clockwise) Bamboo, Daybreak, and Rodeo.

A Soothing Pop of Color

While “a pop of color” may not come to mind with Bamboo, in the right setting, it leaves a strong impression as the focal point for the eye. Consider Bamboo in rooms with white and cream and you’ll see what we mean! 

A young child plays on a Bamboo Nugget with a toy; the room includes a toddler bed, white cubbies for toys, and a cream playmat.We’re excited to see how Bamboo style shoots up across the country. Which style are you most drawn to? Share your Bamboo style with us on Instagram @nuggetcomfort. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

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