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A child wearing a blue and white polka dot dress climbs up and over a Koala Nugget build. A sign in the background says "High Koalaty Fun".Ever since we introduced Koala back in 2017, it’s been clear that our calm, cool gray is a color likely to hang around for a while. In fact, Koala is one of our Classics, colors that are so foundational that we’ll likely keep them in the Nugget Shop for years!

Koala, a calm, cool gray, with an illustrated koala placed next to the word Koala

One of the many koala-ties that we love about this color: it’s easy to style with a multitude of themes, color palettes and rooms. The only requirement for its habitat? Growing imaginations and lots of playtime! 

Create A Calm, Modern Palette

A child sits on a Koala Nugget in a gentle, neutrals nursery. The room incorporates gentle pinks, blues, and tans, similar to a color palette inspired by Rodeo, Daybreak, and Sandcastle.Pair Koala with Sandcastle, Rodeo, and Daybreak for a modern, minimalist vibe. We often get questions about the difference between Koala and Daybreak – Koala is a true gray, while Daybreak is a misty agave that pulls blue-toned, especially when paired with these other neutrals.

Four Nugget pillows stacked into a triangle for color comparison. From the top, going clockwise: Sandcastle, Rodeo, Koala, and Daybreak.

Draw Inspiration from Nature

For a sophisticated combination inspired by nature, place Koala with Bamboo, a comforting, mossy sage, or other greenery in your home.Two Nugget pillows, one in Koala, one in Bamboo, stacked on top of each other for color comparison.For a slight variation on the green-gray combination, try incorporating Atlantis, which will pull in more blue tones and make Koala pop as a light neutral!Three children play on an Atlantis and Koala Nugget in a bedroom with a house-bed made of natural wood. One kid lounges while two play; one grins broadly at the camera.Or, draw inspiration from the Great Barrier Reef’s blue waters and pink corals, like we see in this ocean-themed room.A child climbs into a Koala Nugget build. Wave and whale wallpaper are featured on the walls behind the build; a pink seashell rug is just in front of the Nugget.

Keep It Classic

For a simple but classic color palette, pair Koala with Harbor and our retired Blackbeard. Gray and black mature with your child – you can easily change out blankets, throw pillows, or rugs to reflect your child’s favorite themes or colors at different ages!Three Nugget pillows placed next to each other for color comparison. From left to right: Koala, Harbor, and Blackbeard.Koala loves a calm, neutral space, whether it’s a traditional style or modern minimalist.A living room with neutral colors – a Koala gray Nugget, cream couch, natural wood coffee table - and black accents.

Go For A More Unique Koala-ty

For an ultra-mod pairing, pick one or two unique brights and anchor the collection with Koala. We love how Lolly and Neptune pair with Koala; their cool undertones all combine into a palette that is, well, undeniably cool!A trio of Nugget pillows stacked together for color comparison: Lolly, Koala, and NeptuneKoala can also act as the anchoring color in a space; pair it with a bright accent wall or a piece of art that ties the color palette together. A child reads a book and lounges on a Koala gray Nugget. Bright accent pillows on the couch showcase how bright colors can pair with Koala as a neutral.Now that we’ve explored some of the styling possibilities for this beary versatile color – which will you try? Or if you already have one at home, share your own Koala style with us on Instagram @nuggetcomfort! Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.Click to Shop Koala