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A child climbs a Lilypad Nugget fort in a kid's room featuring soft pastel decoration and natural wood furniture.

As one of two brand-new colors in our latest corduroy fabric, Lilypad has all the fresh, fern-green feels. Literally: the cozy, ridged corduroy texture looks and feels great, taking us back like a time machine to our own childhoods. Lilypad, a fresh, fern green

The subtle stripe of the corduroy fabric in this particular shade of cool, soft green makes Lilypad the perfect pop of pattern and texture in any space. 

It’s Easy Being Green

Lilypad is one of many greens in the Nuggetverse, but its unique combination of color and texture makes it an un-frog-ettable mix. Curious where it falls on the team green palette? Compared to Bamboo, Lilypad is lighter, with more light reflection due to the textured corduroy wales. Willow, Beanstalk, and Fairway are all darker and more saturated than Lilypad’s soft, airy shade.Circular color swatches of Nugget greens: (From left to right) Lilypad, a fresh, fern green, Bamboo, a mossy green, Fairway, a crisp kelly green, and Willow, a verdant forest green

Jump Into Jungalow

Paired with Willow’s forest green, Lilypad creates a color contrast that’s right on trend for the lush and leafy jungalow (jungle meets bungalow) style. 

Two Nuggets made into a big couch (Willow and Lilypad) in a large a-frame room filled with plantsMonochromatic palettes never go out of style. Pair with crisp white or creamy neutrals – either way, this timeless look is a winner.

Two children sit on a Lilypad Nugget in a bright and airy room. Behind them is a forest green couch in a similar color to Nugget's Willow.

A Calming Combo 

The ribbit – sorry, ribbed – texture of Lilypad gives it extra design oomph, even when paired with softer, neutral tones. We can’t get enough of Koala and Lilypad together, especially with accents of light-toned wood. And the combination of Lilypad and Daybreak is made-for-pastel-playroom dreams.Two color swatches: Lilypad, one of our new corduroy colors, and Koala, our calm, cool gray.

Rooted in Earth Tones

It’s no surprise that some of our favorite spaces and color combos are inspired by adventures through nature. Pair Lilypad with Sandcastle for a warm, grounded combination.

A child lounges on a Lilypad Nugget build; the couch in background is similar to Sandcastle, a Nugget color we recommend with Lilypad.

Hue Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Soak up the aquatic style of Atlantis and Lilypad – a cool combo that provides the perfect contrast. Lilypad brings out the blue tones in Atlantis, our peacock teal, which acts as a counter shade to Lilypad’s fresh, light hue. 

Two children sit out of frame, their legs dangling in front of a stack of Atlantis and Lilypad Nuggets

Dip Your Toe in Scandi Style

Pair Lilypad with our double-brushed, ultra-cozy Harbor for a contemporary, Scandinavian look. This duo is inspired by classic Scandinavian furniture makers who use corduroy in a Lilypad-esque shade to create soft texture in a space, then ground the look with a contrasting, dark neutral. 

A Lilypad Nugget in a bedroom with a four-poster bed, Bearhug-colored drapes, and a geometric cream and gray rug.We can’t wait to watch Lilypad leapfrog across the country! Share your latest color combos with us on Instagram @nuggetcomfort, check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or explore Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.