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A child lounges on a Bearhug Nugget, feet up and relaxed.

Bearhug is part of our brand-new duo of corduroy Nuggets, featuring a plush, textured fabric that’s both fresh and funky – like your favorite throwback album. A plush, caramel brown, Bearhug is truly a first-of-its-kind shade for Nugget that brings warm, earth-toned vibes to any space. Bearhug, a plush caramel brown

Just in time for hibernation season, Bearhug adds instant warmth and coziness to your space, creating new, iconic Nugget color combos faster than you can say: teddy, set, go. 

Style in the Wild

Snuggle up to an earthy combo of Bearhug and Sandcastle; two warm tones so cozy, you can almost hear a crackling campfire on the beach and smell roasted marshmallows. 

A brightly lit living room featuring a Bearhug and Sandcastle lounging couch, green plants, and a large circular light fixture.

Mod About This Color Combo

Mid-century modern style gets the Nugget treatment with this combo of Bearhug and Atlantis. Between the subtle pattern on the caramel-colored corduroy to the pop of cool, vibrant teal, this retro look is a sleek statement.

Two color swatches side by side for color comparison: Bearhug, a caramel brown, and Atlantis, a peacock teal

A (Mountain) Range of Hues

For a look that’s a bit more modern while still achieving that transitional, California-casual look, match Bearhug with Blueridge. The mix of two signature Nugget fabrics along with the nature-inspired palette make for some serious long-range hues.

Two children sit on Nuggets as chairs. On the left, a young child paints at a desk while sitting on a Blueridge Nugget. On the right, an older child sits on a Bearhug Nugget and reads.

Look to the Classics

Love Bearhug so much that you want it to be the focal point of your space? Combine it with a classic neutral like Koala or Harbor to add a little contrast and really make the caramel-brown color pop. 

A living room featuring a gray couch and Bearhug Nugget. Two children play on the Nugget.

Let Your Imagination Roam

For a twist on the typical color schemes, use Bearhug for warmth, Daybreak to counter with a cool neutral, and Starfish (yes, Starfish!) for a modern pop of color. Trust us – we can bear-ly contain our excitement for this unique combination!  

Three circular fabric swatches for color comparison: (from left to right) Starfish, a bright coral, Bearhug, a caramel brown, and Daybreak, a misty agave

Have you gotten your paws on Bearhug yet? Show us how you're decorating your den! Share your style with us on Instagram @nuggetcomfortcheck out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or explore Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.