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Word art: Cactus, a saturated mint
Cactus adds a pop of color to any room — and unlike its prickly, real-life namesake, the Cactus Nugget loves to cuddle up next to other Nuggety colors. From our classics to newer Limited Edition colors, here are a few ways we suggest styling Cactus in your home and alongside other Nugget hues.

1: Cross the Color Wheel 

Apply one of the cornerstones of color theory to find the best pairing. Greens, like minty Cactus, pair well with Rodeo, Redwood, and the retired J&J Rust.

Cactus Nugget covers next to Atlantis, Saturn, and Rodeo

Create a Southwestern vibe with terra-cotta, rusts, sage, and Cactus. Balance with neutrals like ivory, bright white, and brass or gold tones for a well-rounded look.

Two children playing pretend guitars on a Cactus Nugget couch set up as a stage.

2: Partner with Pastels

Offering multiple colors, some bright, some light, creates a feast for the eyes.

Sweetpea and Cactus Nugget couches set up as forts in child's bedroom

You can go with the same color family for a monochrome look, or add a touch of gentle pinks or purples to cross the color wheel with a pastel. Pick one large piece as the more saturated pop of color (like a Cactus Nugget!) and use more hued down colors to compliment. We love partnering Cactus with Daybreak, Sweetpea, and Mayberry.
Cactus Nugget covers with Mayberry, Sweetpea, Dewdrop.
Cactus Nugget cover with Daybreak cover.

3: Pop of Color

Let your Cactus shine in the spotlight as a pop of color in a neutral room. Ivory, whites, and navy all offer a solid foundation for Cactus to thrive where planted.

Toddler and baby playing on Cactus Nugget couch set up as a tent fort.

Of our classic hues, we love pairing Cactus with Submarine. Harbor is a nice option as well!

Cactus Nugget cover with Harbor cover

Cactus Nugget cover with Submarine cover.

How do you style your Cactus? Share your #NuggetyCombos with us and we’ll reshare some of our favorites. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.