Young toddler playing on Cactus Nugget couch in front of bright rainbow mural on wall

After entering an early retirement back in 2017, Cactus is back! Read on to learn all the info on how to order, what to expect in terms of shipping, how this impacts existing Backorders, and much more.

I'm so excited! How do I get my hands on a Cactus?

First, look out for those needles (just kidding!). Cactus will be available in both Nugget and Cover Set form starting on January 28 at 12pm ET. Not available right at Noon? No worries. This won’t be a quick-sellout release — it’s re-entering the lineup for the foreseeable future. Cactus will still be available on our site Thursday night, Friday, and beyond. 

Is Cactus a regular microsuede fabric or one of the double-brushed suede colors?

Cactus is a regular microsuede fabric! The Cactus Nugget is $229 and the Cover Set is $99. 

Cactus Nugget character holding suitcases, clearly back from a long trip.

Will other retired colors be coming back soon, too?

We don’t have any plans to bring back any other retired colors at this time. 2020 was a difficult year for many families and kids, so we wanted to surprise our incredibly supportive Nuggeteers with a color that not only makes us (and lots of you) so happy, but also brings us back to our roots — a play couch company that designs products for growing the best and the brightest minds and imaginations. 

Cactus was a color that we introduced during our first big holiday season in 2017, so bringing it back now, after so many of you learned about Nugget during a very strange time, feels so right. Only Cactus could carry with it all the positivity, brightness, and hope that 2021 deserves!

I'm currently waiting on my backordered Nugget. If I order a Cactus cover, will it arrive before my backorder? Can I combine my orders? 

All Cactus orders (both Nuggets and Cover Sets) will ship after all backorders that are already in the system — so, no line jumping! Due to many manufacturing and operational variables, we’re not able to combine orders, so if you already have an order in place and you place a new order for a Cactus product, they may ship at different times.

I'm waiting on a backordered Nugget and want to change my color to Cactus. How can I do that?

We’re not able to edit the color, quantity, or product on an order that’s already been placed. If you’d like to keep your original order, you’re welcome to order an extra Cactus Cover Set! To completely change colors, you’ll need to cancel your current order and place a new one. Please see our updated FAQs for information on canceling your order.

A sunglasses-wearing cactus plant.

What is the current turnaround time for Cactus orders?

All orders are on schedule to ship by no later than the end of April! If at any point there are any changes to our shipping timeline, the shipping note under the “Add to cart” button on the shop page of our website will update. 

Is this a limited release or can I wait a bit to order my Cactus cover? I don't want to miss out!

As a return to our color lineup, Cactus will be available for the foreseeable future. This is not a quick release, extra-limited edition return, but a true homecoming for a color that surprised even us with its enduring popularity. 

To make ordering as seamless as possible, we recommend setting up an Account on our website if you haven’t already done so. If you've already got an Account, please make sure your shipping address is correct! We don't have a way for you to store payment information, but having your shipping address ready to go will make ordering easier. 

Is there a limit on the number of Cactus orders allowed per customer/household?

Nope! The ordering process will be the same as the Backorder process — you’ll only be able to add one item to your cart and purchase one item at a time, but you can place as many orders as you’d like. (If you’re a #NorthernNuggeteer in Canada, or ordering to Alaska or Hawaii, this doesn’t affect shipping costs, which are per item — please see our FAQs for more info.)