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Cactus Nugget triangle character standing on orange carpet, waving at paparazzi
For the first time ever, we bring back a fave,
A bright greenish hue that so many crave.
Out of retirement, by popular demand,
Call the paparazzi, the full marching band.
A legend is back! That’s right — it’s true!
You heard it here first: Cactus is rejoining the crew.
Father and daughter playing on a Cactus Nugget fort!

We’ve been hearing whispers (well, maybe more like enthusiastic shouts!) to bring back a very popular hue. Starting Thursday 1/28/21 at noon ET, the back-by-popular-demand Cactus will be available for backorder in both Nugget and Cover Set form on our website, joining our other Limited Edition colors in the lineup. 

What’s all the buzz about? 

Cactus is a saturated mint that looks amazing anywhere it is planted, breathing life into rooms with its playful pop of color and pizazz. We originally launched it in December 2017, and finally, after a few sleepy years of retirement, decided to bring it back in 2021.

Cactus Nugget character peeking from a flower pot with other cactus nearby

How did we convince the elusive Cactus to return?

This year is all about positivity, joy, and a new path forward. When we started to think through which color should kickstart the year, we kept coming back to one that reminded us of our roots as a play couch company, designing products for growing imaginations. We couldn’t think of a better color to start with than bright and playful Cactus. (Plus, after years away from the limelight, it sounds like retirement was getting old.)

Nugget Newspaper - Cactus is back!

So mark your calendars for January 28th at noon ET, when history will be made with the first-ever Nugget color return! For more logistics, how-to’s, and need-to-know’s, click here!