word art spelling "Snorkel - a splash aquamarine" next to a dolphin

Snorkel Nugget against an ocean mural, in a minimalist playroomNo, you don't have fog in your goggles — another blue is entering the Limited Edition collection at Nugget. But look below the surface, and you'll find more to Snorkel than meets the eye. Like the recent releases of Cactus and Potion, Snorkel follows in their vibrant footsteps (or flipper-steps?) — a Nugget color that's fun for all ages, and as bright as the imaginations that build with it. 

As you might have read, we've been looking forward to this color release for years, and with longer, sunnier, warmer days on the way, we couldn't think of a better time for it to drop into the lineup. We've seen a number of color questions bubble up over the past few days, and we're using this post to answer them. Read on, and don't touch the coral! 

Nautical neighbors

Long-time Nuggeteers know that we're more than a little entranced by the wonders of the aquatic world, based on the four (yes, FOUR) current and past colors that take inspiration from it. For those who want to keep adding to their watery blue collection, come right this wave. See below to get a feel for the difference between Snorkel and its most similar cover cousin, Lagoon, as well as how it fits in with the others: textured, teal Atlantis and deep, navy Submarine

Comparison of Nugget colors: Lagoon — a dusty, desaturated, warm blue; and Snorkel — a bright, popping, aquamarine

Four Nugget pillows, in different shades of blue: dusty, desaturated warm blue; bright, popping aquamarine; deep, nautical navy; and a textured teal blue

Playing with green and blue

No comparison of Nugget blues is complete without the blueish-greenish tones that sit right next door on the color spectrum: Atlantis and Cactus. Snorkel serves as a striking complement to Atlantis, and packs just as much playful punch as minty Cactus. Comparison of Nugget colors: Atlantis — textured teal blue; Cactus — deep, saturated mint; Snorkel — a bright, popping aquamarinePairing maturity and sophistication with pop and exuberance, Atlantis and Snorkel are two peas in an underwater Nugget pod. 
Nugget in a playroom made from two different colors: Snorkel, a popping, bright aquamarine, and Atlantis, a textured teal blue

A splash of sunshine

Comparison between Nugget colors: Snorkel — a bright, popping aquamarine; Taxicab — a warm, buttery yellowThere's another way that Snorkel lives up to its name as a symbol of fun in the sun — it pairs beautifully with the buttery yellow of our retired Taxicab, or any warm yellow, like the rays of sunshine from a playroom mural. Other yellows, like our retired Honeybee as well as in-stock Saturn, play nicely with Snorkel as well! Toddler jumping between two pieces of aquamarine-colored Nugget, in front of bright yellow sunshine mural


Photo comparing pillows in different Nugget colors: Daybreak — a warm, pale blue; Snorkel — a bright, popping aquamarine; Koala — a cool, light grayLike Potion before it, Snorkel makes a bold, splashy statement in any neutral room it dives into. Embrace the sandy, beachside ethos of tropical paradise by placing it alongside white, light gray, wood, and gold accents.  Bright, aquamarine-toned Nugget couch at the foot of a bed in a well-lit, white-walled bedroom with gold accentsAnd of course, if you want to fully, fully embrace the water, there's always the option of placing it next to the pool — just keep the splashing to a minimum. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

Snorkel-colored Nugget in a covered, outdoor living area that includes a beautiful pool.