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Snorkel Nugget couch on white backdrop
For many a summer,
We day-dreamed of a blue.
A dose of “fun in the sun"
We could bring home to you.
At last, four years later,
It arrives on our shores —
A splashy aquamarine
Fit for the great indoors.


Illustrated Nugget character in snorkel outfit

Introducing Snorkel, our latest Limited Edition color to join the Nugget Shop in both Nugget and Cover Set form, starting March 25th at noon ET. In the questions and answers below, we’re wading through the waves of questions we anticipate about Snorkel’s release, all while doing our best to not get stung by a jellyfish.

Is this the color that Nugget CEO, David, said is his "absolute all-time favorite"?

Wow! You've been keeping a close eye on the hints we've dropped. 😉 And, yes! This is indeed the color that David's been waiting all his Nuggety life for — Snorkel's release date is essentially December 25th in David's mind. (Don't worry though, it's still coming out on March 25th for the rest of us Nuggeteers.)

I’m ready to dive in! How do I join in on the fun with Snorkel?

Snorkel will be available starting at 12 Noon ET on March 25th, 2021. The regular microsuede Snorkel Nugget is $229 and the Cover Set is $99. 

illustrated, brightly colored school of fish

I’m currently waiting on a Nugget. Could I combine a Snorkel order with my prior order?

Due to many manufacturing and operational variables, we’re not able to combine orders, so if you already have an order in place and you place a new order for a Snorkel product, they will likely ship at different times.

How do I change my color to Snorkel? 

We understand completely — Snorkel brings the island vibes we all need right now. Unfortunately, we’re not able to edit the color, quantity, or product on an order that’s already been placed. If you’d like to keep your original order, you’re welcome to order an extra Snorkel Cover Set! To completely change colors, you’ll need to cancel your current order and place a new one. Please see our updated FAQs for information on canceling your order.

Illustrated Nugget pillow next to fish

How does Snorkel compare to other blue Nugget colors?

Our Nuggety Styling Guide for Snorkel will come out tomorrow (3/24), with swatch comparisons and fun Nuggety-pairings to help spark some ideas! Snorkel is a bright aquamarine that comes in our regular microsuede, and pairs well with other blues, corals, and orange tones.

Child reading a book on a Snorkel Nugget

What is the current turnaround time for Snorkel orders?

Snorkel is still currently out exploring the world that lies just beneath the water’s surface, but is preparing for a return from vacation-mode soon. All orders are estimated to ship out within 8-10 weeks of purchase date. If at any point there are any changes to our shipping timeline, the shipping note under the “Add to cart” button on the shop page of our website will update.

illustrated snorkel kit resting on coral reef