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Illustrated avatar with nametag saying Hello! I'm Arielle, Director of eCommerce

As our Director of eCommerce, Arielle manages our online presence and makes it possible for people to order their Nuggets and Cover Sets with ease. In this edition of Meet a Nuggeteer, Content Manager Allie sat down for a chat and learned all about her most memorable childhood Halloween costume, her first job (you’ll never guess it), and her dream Nugget color.

Arielle, can you describe your job in a way that kids ages 1 to 101 can understand?

Imagine a store, like where you buy your toys or clothes. Can you see it in your mind? There are the things to buy — products — and a shopping cart to put them in. And of course, a way to check out and pay. 

Well, I take those things and put them on our website. You can shop for Nuggets, put them in your online cart, and pay for them — all from a computer, tablet or smartphone. A big part of my job is using the right words and pictures along the way to help people decide which Nugget they want! It’s a job that combines creativity and analytical thinking, and I love it.

What’s the best part of your job?

I love to help people, both customers and my fellow teammates. If there’s a problem with the website, I get to fix it! If there’s a new color launching, I get to help build up the excitement and buzz. I also love looking at other online stores to see what we could be doing better.

I’ve always been the type to try and learn new things. As a kid, I tried softball, I made balloon animals, folded origami… I just really like trying new things. While at a previous job in retail, I started in the store, then moved into allocations, and was given the opportunity to launch eCommerce for the store in the U.S. I’ve dabbled in all parts of eCommerce and that helps me understand production, creative, developer, and marketing needs, and then come up with a cohesive plan for making and building a website. 

What’s this about balloon animals?

Ha! My first job was making balloon animals. My mom would take me to fairs and neighborhood festivals and I would hang out in the back of my mom’s station wagon, making balloon animals and selling them for 25 cents apiece.

What do you like to do when you’re not working at Nugget HQ?

My favorite things are spending time with my daughter, playing video games with my friends, and traveling (during non-Covid times, of course).

Two adults and a baby in bamboo forest

One of my best travel experiences was traveling through Japan with my family. I lived there for three months in 2011, and returning to show my 8-month-old daughter and husband around felt extra special. 

What’s your favorite Nugget color?

So far? Well, I have Submarine and Potion right now. I picked Submarine because it’s a classic color that matches everything and looks great with the other blues in our house. My daughter picked Potion — purple is her favorite color and I couldn’t say no!

Let's hear more childhood stories! What was your favorite Halloween costume?

My mom made a Star Wars Tusken Raider costume for my brother and me. We used toilet paper rolls wrapped in aluminum foil for the eyes. I can still smell the burlap when I think of that costume. 

And, how about your favorite childhood toy?

I loved my Polly Pockets as a kid. I had probably 20 different sets. The Tooth Fairy would bring me one each time I lost a tooth!

Ok, last one: Dream Nugget color that doesn’t exist (yet)?

I’m a proud graduate of the University of Louisville, so I have to say Cardinal Red (Go Cards!).