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Another blue, yes, another blue headline text, with blue crayon underlying second blue

From Snorkel to Lagoon,
Submarine, to Bluejean,
retired Skydive and Atlantis, too.

Whether Daybreak, Dewdrop,
Or a bright Neptune pop,
We’ve stayed committed, honest, and true.

For our Nuggets and covers,
When we're in a pinch for a color,
There's only one that will do.

Our work here is done,
We hope you’ll have fun,
With the Nugget we call Another Blue.


Sometimes, maybe even a lot of the time, the truth is that many of us are just getting by. Pushing onward, slogging through, acting the part. Putting our noses to the grindstone, and not always being satisfied with the end result that comes out. But it’s all worth it for those rare moments, every so often, when inspiration hits like a bolt of lightning.

At Nugget HQ, we recently had one of those bolts of lightning. And once it got in our heads, we couldn’t let it go. While we were satisfied overall with our color collection, we could tell something was missing. An itch we had to scratch, that we just couldn’t seem to reach. And then it hit us: we needed another blue.

Introducing another Nugget blue! Two girls sitting on a blue Nugget.

Say hello to the latest and greatest shade in the Nugget lineup: Another Blue. We wanted a color that would appeal to all different ages, tons of different families, and more than anything else, we wanted a color that was blue. We’re extremely excited to announce that we believe that we’ve achieved that with Another Blue. Here are some of the things we’re hearing about Another Blue already:

“Really? Another Blue?”

“All I can say is… they nailed it. This color is definitely another blue.”

“I wasn’t previously satisfied with your blue options, so I’m elated to see Another Blue! Here’s hoping there are even more blues to come. Everything in my house is blue.”

“When I was saying ‘Orange!’ And ‘Pink!’ y’all knew what I really meant: blue. Thank you, Nugget.”

Ok, fine. If you’ve made it this far, you deserve to know that we are not coming out with another blue literally called Another Blue. But did we get you, even for a second? Can you help us get a few more people? We’d appreciate that. We’ll even send you a cover set in Another Blue as a thank you. (If we ever make it.)

Thanks for the help, and Happy April Fool's!