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#NuggetsOnNuggets. The Big Orange Box. If you know, you know. 

We love seeing Nuggets arrive at their new homes almost as much as Nuggeteers love reading into our announcements for hidden color hints. The bold, orange box on doorsteps is an unmistakable sign that imaginative play is on the way. But once the tightly rolled burrito has been unpacked, what’s left for the box? A lot, it turns out. We teamed up with Emily of @makingwithmommy to provide a few ideas for how to transform the Big Orange Box into a play piece of its own for your little ones. 

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub: Build a Washing Machine

Kids are helpers by nature! Tap into their desire to help with anything and everything around the house by making a cardboard washing machine from your Big Orange Box.

Two children playing with play washing machine made from Nugget Big Orange Box, with clothing line suspended between two Nugget pieces

To create a washing machine, first cut the box in half lengthwise and place it so that the opening is down on the floor. Trace a large bowl onto the front of the box to make a circle for the door. Using a knife or box cutter, cut out the circle, leaving about 6 inches intact to create a hinge. Use the remaining cardboard to create a handle, panels for buttons and more! You can create knobs for your machine with bottle caps, beads, buttons and other odds and ends. 

“We set up a clothesline between our large Nugget pillows, turned an empty juice bottle into laundry soap, and had a great time washing clothes in our Nugget washing machine!” shares Emily.

Calling All Architects: Construct a Dollhouse

Child playing with a three-story dollhouse made from Nugget Big Orange Box

Build and decorate your very own dollhouse with your Big Orange Box! This is the perfect project for the budding designer in your life. 

To create the house, cut the top and front off of the box. Use clear packing tape to create floors using the pieces from the top of the box and tape them inside the house. Take the long piece of cardboard from the front, fold it in half, and use tape to attach it to the top of the house to create a roof. Now, decorating time! Use colored paper, markers, scraps of cardboard, stickers, and any other supplies you like to add flooring, wall paper, and details to your house. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can even try your hand at making furniture.

Open for Business: Make a Custom Snack Stand

Two children grinning at camera from their play snack stand, made from Nugget Big Orange Box

There are so many fun ways you can play with this idea. Is it an ice cream truck? A farmers market stall? A coffee bar? Maybe all of the above!

Begin by cutting the bottom and one side off of your box. Open the box up so that it stands like a trifold poster board. Draw a rectangle for the window and carefully cut it out with a box cutter or knife. Use the leftover cardboard pieces to cut out a counter. Cut right triangles from cardboard and use hot glue to attach them to the counter and stand to hold it in place! Add an awning with pieces of colored construction paper and decorate however you like. Feel free to add a menu board and an OPEN/CLOSED sign for extra style points.

Child pouring from pretend tea kettle while younger child waits; both are pretend working at their snack stand

These are just a few ways to transform the Big Orange Box. Do you have a favorite? We can’t wait to see your creations over on Instagram! Just remember to tag us @nuggetcomfort and don’t forget to mention the #BigOrangeBox.