A Nuggety Styling Guide: Lolly Edition

Lolly, a cool, candy pink

Child in pigtails lying on their stomach on a pink Nugget, smiling at camera. Vibrant wallpaper and orange curtains in background.This announcement is no trick and all treat – we’ve got a new pink joining the Nugget Shop! It was love at first sight for us, and we hope it will be your new candy – err, color – crush. Starting October 27th at 12pm ET, Nuggeteers can pop on our website to order this delightfully fun color, available in full Nugget, Cover Set, and Pillow Pack form.

Pink Nugget character wearing a white paper hat like at a retro-diner, balancing candies and lollipops on hands and one foot.Lolly is perfect for anyone who loves candy (so... everybody!) and loves to pair with other bright colors, from minty Cactus to vibrant Starfish. The cool tones help it stand apart from other pink hues, while its unique shade adds a burst of unexpected color. With Halloween approaching, we couldn’t think of a better time to release a candy pink, and in anticipation of some questions, we thought we’d share our favorite flavor combinations below.

Pretty in Pink

How does Lolly compare to past pinks? It’s considerably brighter than Sweetpea, our blush pink, and cooler-toned than Rosebud, a blooming, rosy pink. 

Three Nugget pillows stacked in a pile for color comparison. From top: Lolly, Rosebud, Sweetpea

A Pop of Color

Lolly is a sucker for white or pastel walls and lots of light, where it can bring a dash of fun and cheer! 

Two children playing with a pink Nugget, one sandwiched between a cushion and the other lying on top.

The Best and Brightest

Lolly loves spending time with those who bring out the best in them, and that includes bright friends like Starfish and Potion.

Pink Lolly pillow and purple Potion pillow side by side for color comparison

Pink Lolly pillow and coral Starfish pillow side by side for color comparison

In homes, this can look like pairing Lolly with a bold couch or a statement wall. 

Child balancing on a pink Nugget pillow around a build with a Lolly and Cactus Nugget.

Set the Stage

Consider a bold wallpaper as a backdrop for Lolly. From neutral designs to bold colors, Lolly isn’t afraid to set up shop as the statement piece.

A Lolly Nugget set up in front of a cityscape wallpaper, a mustard yellow blanket arranged on top of Nugget.

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