A Nuggety Style Guide: Redwood Edition

In August 2020, we introduced a double-brushed fabric named for the California Sequoias. Since then, Redwood has traveled into homes across North America, bringing a cozy, luxe vibe to anywhere it is planted. If you’ve eyed this color before but wondered how to style it with other Nuggety colors or in your home, no need to voyage farther West for answers. Just look above to the tree canopy — or, perhaps to this blog post — and find your answers!

Keeping It In the (Color) Family

Other oranges and reds, like our rusty, burnt orange Rodeo, create a warm and inviting palette for any room.

Inspired by Nature

Bring nature’s stunning and calming colors into your home with lush greens, warm creams and browns, and Redwood's earth tones.

Bamboo brings to mind the leafy foliage that tops Redwood trees in California, while Pebble incorporates the color of the forest trail, waiting for adventures and exploration. 

Or, incorporate Redwood with grays and creams for a mature and grounded pop of color. 

Fit for Royalty: Jewel Tones

Do you prefer less hiking, more luxury? Pair Redwood with our other double-brushed colors, Atlantis and Harbor, for the ultimate luxe feel. Not only do the colors complement each other perfectly, but the double-brushed only vibe is fit for a queen or king! 

Has Redwood put down its roots in your home? We'd love to see how it's flourishing. Share your pics on Instagram and tag us at @nuggetcomfort.