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Lately, we’ve been hearing more and more about fishy emails, fake Nugget Instagram accounts, and other issues that cause confusion and take advantage of Nuggeteers. So, we’re taking this opportunity to clarify how and when we would contact customers, where we publish information, and how you can stay safe as a consumer. We’re big on safety at Nugget HQ, and it’s just as important to stay safe online.

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Scam Emails

We email customers from two accounts: and The first email account sends marketing emails, general announcements from our team, and any shipping or order information you may need. All customer service emails are also sent from the HQ email address. The second email account is used to request reviews for our products after a purchase.

If you receive an email that doesn’t seem quite right, check the from/sender email address. Often, the headline or display name in your inbox will show up as a company name (Nugget Comfort) but if you open the details (by clicking the little down arrow shown in the image below), it may be different. Sometimes, scammers will add in just one letter or number, so please look closely. We only send emails from

Screenshot of an email with the headline or display name circled for emphasis

More information about avoiding phishing or scams is available here.

Official Instagram and Giveaways

We have two Instagram accounts: @nuggetcomfort and @nuggetcoverclub. We use our official account to interact with Nuggeteers, share exciting updates, and help clarify any questions our customers have about our products, while @nuggetcoverclub is used to raise awareness about our charitable giving partners and our supporting efforts.

If you find other accounts on Instagram, please note that these are not run by us here at Nugget HQ. These fake accounts may ask you for more information for a giveaway or send you a link — please do not share any personal info or click the link! Keep your information secure and be wary of lookalike accounts.

Did you know: one way to stay safe on Instagram is to look for the blue check mark? This means the account is verified & an official account for a brand.

Additionally, we often see hosted giveaways on Instagram. Please know that unless the giveaway is posted directly on our Instagram account, it is not run by us or affiliated with our brand! All of these giveaways will state “Not sponsored by Nugget.” Note that unless the product is directly purchased at, it will not be covered under warranty

Purchasing or Winning Nugget Products

We value being able to pack and ship each Nugget here at Nugget HQ in Butner, North Carolina. Because we make and ship all Nuggets, the only place to buy Nugget products is on our site at the Nugget Shop.

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If you choose to purchase Nugget products secondhand through an online marketplace, please approach with caution. We often hear of folks getting scammed by online resellers, and unfortunately, our team is unable to help in these circumstances. 

It's too bad that not everyone plays by the rules, but we can all do our part to keep everyone safe by practicing these online safety tips. Stay safe, Nuggeteers!