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Meet Bellbottom! Our newest color is also our latest corduroy! This retro sky blue brings a certain flare to spaces while still keeping the energy laid-back and cool.

This color feels vintage and inviting, like your favorite pair of thrifted bell bottoms. Read on to learn more about our recommended color pairings, as well as comparisons to various colors from Nugget history.

Bellbottom is a pastel cornflower blue in corduroy. Bellbottom is more blue and slightly more saturated than Skydive, Dewdrop, and Surfside. Bellbottom is lighter, less saturated, and has a more purple-red undertone than Bluejean. Retro color, modern style.

If your home is Transitional, Scandi or tends toward Modern, corduroy will add subtle texture to your smooth surfaces and clean lines. The cool undertones of Bellbottom make this Nugget blend in well with sophisticated, neutral palettes.

Cozy cord in contemporary farmhouse

Casual, comfortable environments also make Bellbottom feel right at home. Farmhouse, Cottagecore and traditional styled living spaces look charming with this vintage color.  Shiplap walls and natural wood increase the vibrancy of Bellbottom, but this sky blue is still soft enough to keep the room feeling light as air.

Mid Mod and full-on vintage vibes

Have a unique sense of style and unafraid of lots of color? Meet your next conversation piece! Though more of a medium-saturation blue, brilliant Bellbottom makes a statement (even in a room full of statements)! Other brights like light kelly green (think Fairway) or primary yellow (think Lemonade) accentuate the retro cool this cozy corduroy Nugget exudes. They look particularly keen in Mid-Century Modern homes or rooms with a little eclectic throwback decor.

Sky and earth

While Bellbottom looks great with almost all of our Nuggety colors,  we especially think these two are a natural fit: airy Bellbottom with earthy Bamboo. Soft sage Bamboo grounds this duo and makes Bellbottom look especially light blue — like a cloudless sky.

These “B’s” get an A+

Our first color release of 2024, Blossom in double-brush microsuede, makes a poppy pair with Bellbottom. Together, these two colors each seem more vibrant. Pinky-peach Blossom brings out  Bellbottom’s purple undertones and makes it look more like a true cornflower. The same will happen in certain lighting scenarios where Bellbottom can take on a slightly purple hue.

Follow your inner unicorn

So delicious! Moonshot and Bellbottom are super sweet together — living in perfect pastel harmony. Get all the satisfaction of soft, sugary cotton candy without the sticky fingers! If your idea of perfection is magical confection, this pairing is for you.


Power couple

Sophisticated Blueridge teams up with Bellbottom for a traditional, preppy chic look that will have you rejoicing “another blue”! Monochromatic simply never goes out of style. 

Mix it up

Worried about mixing fabrics? All Nugget fabrics are soft, durable and machine-washable and we think having different fabric textures in your cover set collection adds to the look and the fun. Corduroy is great for builds — it has a little extra “gripping” power due to its whaling. So don’t hesitate to include Bellbottom in your Nugget rainbow!

Feel the groove

Bellbottom is a vibe and adds flare to any room. This retro, sky blue in velvety corduroy makes us want to dust off our records and play like it's 1979. Perfect for creating a cozy corner for crochet or building a pretend [brick] house —  just take it easy with Bellbottom, while you can. This color will only be available until our stock is sold through and when it's gone, all that will be left is a faded polaroid picture. Don’t miss it!

Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.


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