Hi Nuggeteers!

We started this adventure with you ten years ago. Ten delightful years focused on one very special product  the Nugget®. One that we've made millions of times, and each time with the utmost care.

From the start, we have cared a whole bunch about growing imaginations through open-ended, more creative play. We've equally cared about building a thoughtful, conscientious business. And every time you support us, it shows you clearly do too. We’re so boundlessly energized by that trust. 

We exist because we believe in toy minimalism: reducing the clutter and refining down to basic, beautiful building blocks; in order to promote deeper engagement, bigger imagination, and the joy of discovery. We believe play can be bolder and more active when we enable, and don't get in the way of, the most powerfully playful thing in your home: a child’s imagination

We believe so much in that idea, that for ten years we didn’t want to release anything that we didn’t think was absolutely wonderful. Anything that didn’t, by itself, deserve to exist

We still often think: “How nuts is that?! We made something that people want!". What an absolute honor. You’ve invited Nugget into your homes, each purchase a vote of confidence in us to deliver something exceptional: blended toy and furniture. We know you’ve placed your trust in us, and our mission and promise is to earn that trust over and over again.

So now, we’ve come full circle, back to our roots in invention — unique and valuable complete products, made with integrity, and for the purpose of play.

We believe Chunk™, The World's First Play Ottoman™, is extra special. It took a few years of thoughtful development to create something that is surprisingly simple, and still packed with possibilities — all on its own.

All of the work it took to bring you Chunk™ will be worth it the moment we get to see you and your brilliant kids spin up even more fun than we could imagine. That, my friends, is growing imaginations — especially our own. Because we still don’t fully believe we get to do this as a job. It's such a joy. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the fun.

I mean it when I say that at Nugget, it’s a privilege to be able to create something for the most creative people in the world, kids — and to care for the most caring people in the world, their parents.

Play on™, 

Nugget® Co-founder and CEO