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As a kid, Summer Break was the best. Even if it took me a few weeks to readjust to the classroom in the fall, it was worth it. 

I loved the freedom of Summer Break. Every day at the creek, I built the biggest, baddest rock bridge from one side to the other — and then I still splashed through the water for kicks.

I think that’s important: it was just for fun. No purpose other than to simply play around. 

At Nugget, we remember that feeling and understand what Summer Break offers: a chance to breathe, refresh, and then come back energized to build. A time to connect with family and friends, unencumbered by “school day” schedules. The opportunity to get stuff done in our lives outside of work, so it doesn’t get in the way of our serious focus on the work of Play. 

So this year, for the first time, we’re taking a Summer Break! A full week. All of us at once! Because that makes for a real, solid, complete opportunity to disconnect. 

It might make the work better when we return. It might make “business” sense. 

But that’s really and truly not the point here.

The point is to remind us to continue to play around. To splash through the water. To approach work and life with a spirit of playfulness, opportunities with creativity, and problems with committed optimism.

I’m so excited for that.

School’s Nugget’s out for summer!

Play On™,

PS: Wondering, "What does this mean for me?" Here are the key details: 
  • The Nugget team will be off from June 29-July 7. 
  • New orders placed after June 27, 11:59pm PT will be fulfilled when we return, shipping by July 10. 
  • A few members of our Customer Experience team will be available to answer questions during regular business hours, from 9am ET - 5pm ET. Please allow 24 hours for a response!