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Meet our newest color and latest double-brushed microsuede, Blossom! This vibrant Nugget makes us feel like spring is just around the corner — no matter how the trees look outside.

Blossom: a charming pastel peach

Blossom’s charming pastel color adds a little optimism to any room — and the double-brushed microsuede texture looks especially fun in this bright tone. Read on to learn more about our recommended color pairings, as well as comparisons to various colors from Nugget history.

Blossom is our first bright hue in double-brushed microsuede. Compared to previous Nugget hues in this color family, Blossom is more pastel and has more pinkish tones than Peachtree and Cantaloupe. It has more of an orange undertone and it’s less saturated than Sweetpea and Rosebud. For those who loved our J&J Rust collaboration, Blossom is a punchier and lighter orange-pink pastel.

Dreaming of spring color 

If your home features a lot of Jungalow greens or gorgeous houseplants, it might feel like an eternal, evergreen spring. Bring in the spirit of buds and blooms with Blossom! This complementary color balances out some of those green tones and brings a calming presence to the room. It’s enough to make anyone want to throw the windows open on the Nugget fort and add a little spring to your step.

Going monochrome in Modern Contemporary 

Ready to commit to a simple color palette? This sweet color is up for the challenge! Achieve a monochromatic look with various shades of peachy-pinks for a modern twist on a Contemporary space. Blossom makes a room feel lush with warmth.

Playing with pastel pops

If you love a Traditional space that’s neutral but playful, Blossom could be the perfect pastel pop of color you’re looking for. It pairs beautifully with soft neutral base tones like Bamboo.

We love how Blossom complements Coastal homes with natural accents, and adds subtle energy to an otherwise muted room. A palette with Surfside, Blossom, and Koala lends a calming “sand and the sea” vibe to any stylish space.

If your space leans neutral but darker, or your style feels more Eclectic, Blossom offers a softness that makes an otherwise contrast-heavy space feel lighter and airier.

Nuggeteers who can’t get enough pops of color will go wild for this cheery color combo — combine Blossom with Lemonade and Moonshot for the ultimate endorphin rush!

Cultivate an unexpected look

Blossom is the perfect way to introduce some visual interest to a low-contrast room — especially in Modern Scandi spaces. Embrace the unexpected color combo of Blueridge and Blossom! Our soft, pastel peach really pops against a dark navy area rug or throw blanket.

If your style is a little more relaxed Bohemian, look for a Nuggety color pairing like Blossom and minty (retired!) Cactus. This combo creates a perfectly unexpected pastel contrast — especially when you layer in cozy textiles and warm rattan pieces.

Bloom wherever you play with Blossom

Blossom adds an immediate mood boost to playtime, infusing a fresh feel to your play — similar to finding the perfect upbeat song for your Nugget stage dance party, or sticking the landing on your Nuggety balance beam routine. This light, airy color brings a refreshing charm to your space — like the earliest hints of warmth and spring during the wintry months. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

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