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We’ve all been there: You planned to head to the playground to get all the wiggles out with your kids… and then you look outside, and the weather just isn’t going to cooperate. Or you suddenly realize the sun set while everyone was trying to get out the door.

Don’t sweat it! The Nugget play couch isn’t just a fort, a rocketship, and a vet clinic for all the stuffies in the house. It can also transform into the playscape, course, or court of your dreams — bringing the fun indoors, no matter the weather or the time of day.


How’s your backhand looking these days? Create a badminton court in your living room, using a balloon as the shuttlecock. Stack your base cushion and soft cushion, and set them upright like a book. Reinforce your “net” with the two Nugget pillows. If the game is too tough for little ones, you can also use this setup to play a game of “keep the balloon in the air” for as long as possible.

Aim game

No quarters or tokens needed here! Set this game up against a wall for support — stacking the sturdy base under the soft cushion. Prop open the fold of the soft cushion with the pillows. Then add some heavy weight paper plates (decorated if you’re feeling extra creative) as “targets” at different levels on the build. Toss fake snowballs, crumpled paper from recycling, or wiffle balls at the different targets to earn points. Who can hit the bullseye first?

Mini golf

A little birdie told us you’ll love this one. Build an indoor mini-golf course across the house. You can make endless configurations — using an at-home putting golf set for kids, or by making your own with craft supplies. Create extra challenges by constructing “hills” built by putting the cushions on an incline. If your kids are learning basic math, add a math element to challenge their skills even further!


A playground favorite for any room! We like creating this build alongside the grownups’ couch (or additional Nuggets) for extra elevation. Make sure to include support for the slide with the pillows, as well as a landing pad for victory dances, giggle fits, and striking a pose.

Balance beam

Create an indoor balance beam (with a built-in landing pad) with a long ribbon. Add play silks for flair, and be sure to offer encouraging chants of “You can do it!” for ambience. Challenge your kids to come up with fun balance beam routines, and add their favorite music to keep the creativity flowing.

Never feel stuck inside again with these fun sporty builds! Be sure to tag us @nuggetcomfort with your indoor playground and court creations. And check out our Build Ideas page for more ways to play!