Nugetteer orange couch sitting in bright colored living room

We’re kicking off Nugget’s 10th year of growing imaginations with a truly Nuggety™ new color: a playful, celebratory orange called Nuggeteer! Nuggeteer is a commemorative edition Nugget in our signature color (yes, this is THE Nugget orange! At last!), and it pays homage to the people who inspire us every day (that’s you, Nuggeteer!).

Nuggeteer also features a special tag, and every Nuggeteer orange will come with a limited edition art print — celebrating our vibrant color history — that you can only get with a Nuggeteer purchase. 

Nuggeteer a playful, celebratory orange

Nuggeteer orange embodies everything we love about the Nugget play couch: It’s designed to surprise, delight, and spark new inspiration for your imagination. Ready to see Nuggeteer in action? Read on to learn more about our recommended color pairings and comparisons to oranges from Nugget history — then be wowed by how this juicy pop of orange can transform a room.

A most Nuggety orange

Nuggeteer is vibrant and warm, and as our official signature orange, we’d like to think it’s the most Nuggety of Nuggety colors! Compared to our previous orange and apricot tones, Nuggeteer is darker and more saturated than Cantaloupe. It’s more saturated than Brightside and Taxicab — showing more reddish in hue than both colors.

Nuggett pillow color comparisons with Cantaloupe, Nuggeteer, Taxicab, and Brightside

Orange in general is the hottest color on the color wheel, so naturally Nuggeteer orange adds energy to every room. We designed it to pair perfectly with other Nuggety colors, and to radiate joy in many interior styles.

Color comparison with Nugget pillows using Nugetteer, lemonade, and Fairway

Nuggeteer can play a star role in your room design or be a solid supporting cast member. If you’re ready to go all in on brights, we recommend pairing it with Fairway and Lemonade. This citrusy accent trio adds drama and flair to Maximalist or Modern interiors.

Nuggeteer orange play couch in colorful room

Play with color

Nuggeteer looks equally at home in color-soaked, feel-good decor styles like Maximalist Eclectic, Polychromatic, and Dopamine bright rooms — where cheerful brights in any hue lead the color palette. See how well it blends with ultra-playful Lolly pinks, Lemonade pops, and Atlantis blues as a grounding tone.

Nuggeteer orange play couch sitting in front of a pink wall

Color comparisons using Atlantis, Nugetteer, Lolly, and Lemonade Nugget pillows

While Nuggeteer looks fantastic in color-forward rooms, don’t count it out as a great pairing for earth tones and even pastels. Nuggeteer pairs beautifully with more neutral hues like Surfside and Bamboo — evoking the spirit of Polychromatic Scandi or Polychromatic Hypermodern interiors.

Nuggeteer color styling in family room

Expect the unexpected

If you’re looking to add some unexpected flair to the playroom or living room, pair Nuggeteer with a grounded color group like Moonshot, Dunebuggy, and Starfish.

Color comparison using Nugeteer, Starfish, Moonshot, and Dunebuggy

Nuggeteer color styling in colorful room

Nuggeteer feels right at home in more grounded, earthier home interior styles such as Bohemian, Jungalow, Farmhouse, and Cottagecore, adding notes of vibrancy. It can also evoke the nostalgia of the 60s and 70s as a mainstay color in Retro Space Age or Retro Modern homes.

Color comparison using Bearhug, Blueridge, Moonshot, and Nugeteer pillows

Pair Nuggeteer with Bearhug, Moonshot, and Blueridge to highlight the full spectrum of Nuggetverse colors and textures. This color combo will extend well into the autumn season with its cool tones and warm textures.

Orange you glad to be a Nuggeteer?

Girls playing in their bedroom on the Nugeteer orange playcouch

Nuggeteer truly celebrates the people who inspire us every day: Nuggeteers near and far. If you’ve been looking to go bold in your space and add some unexpected surprise, our signature orange is the color for you. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for your Nuggeteers.