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A child sits inside a Moonshot Nugget

When we first dreamed up Moonshot, we wanted a color that felt inspirational and dazzling. A unicorn color that was both soothing and zen-like — while simultaneously feeling a little exhilarating. All in all, a tall order for our Product Development team!

And of course, they delivered. Our designers landed on this fresh, futuristic lilac: a shade for imaginations on the cusp of discovery. (After all, Moonshot ideas are all about exploring new territory!)  Moonshot is motivated by all the dreamers thinking creatively about how to reach uncharted territory and how to solve the trickiest problems with the most innovative solutions.

Moonshot a fresh, futuristic lilac

In the hands of a creative kid, a Moonshot idea might be taking a Nugget and turning it into a sprawling castle, or a spaceship, or a sea-faring vessel on a treasure hunt. In your home, Moonshot shows off your personal style, with limitless potential across a galaxy of options. 

A Positively Purple Palette

Like lunar light, Moonshot is balanced and soothing. Compared to Nugget purples of the past, Moonshot is closest to retired Stardust, but with slightly warmer undertones and a more saturated color (Stardust is much paler than Moonshot). On the other side of the spectrum, Moonshot is far less saturated than retired Mayberry (which borders on a pink or reddish purple) or retired Potion (which is a cooler, intensely deep purple). 

Potion, Moonshot, Stardust, and Mayberry Nugget pillows

Rooms Where Moonshot Shines

Moonshot is a contemporary, of-the-moment shade, and works surprisingly well in lots of different interior styles. It can add a soft pop of candy-coated color to a more neutrally decorated space. For example, in Scandinavian-inspired rooms, Moonshot adds a softness and subtle energy. In more Traditional homes, Moonshot “warms up” and blends well with creams, and it “cools off” around grays. Moonshot shines bright in colorful Danish or Postmodern spaces — so adding it to a room with an eclectic, colorful palette can really make it blast off.

Two children relax on a Moonshot Nugget while reading books

An Intergalactic Pairing

You don’t need a space-themed playroom to appreciate how stellar Moonshot and Neptune look together! Blues (like the cobalt shade of Neptune or navy Blueridge) are a great, grounded counterpart for Moonshot — creating a modern youthfulness.

Tow children play on top of Moonshot and Neptune Nuggets

Add in a bright color like Fairway or Starfish to really elevate the energy on this combination!

Starfish, Neptune, Moonshot, and Fairway Nugget Pillows

Cool Side of the Moon

Color-shifting Moonshot takes on its most neutral appearance when paired with cool tones. Shown here with Koala and Harbor, Moonshot softens and sweetens this color story, adding a hint of whimsy to an otherwise-flat palette. Use Moonshot in rooms with grays and white to add visual interest without upsetting the room’s cohesive or monochromatic aesthetic.

Koala, Moonshot, and Harbor Nugget Pillows

Boldly Go with Brights

Not afraid to dial up the color quotient in your room? Create a “mermaid moment” by combining Moonshot with Cactus, Lolly, or Brightside in almost any variation! If you’re working with a blank slate and want to instantly energize a room, combine some of these colors (with Nuggets and/or décor items) and it won’t take long to make it magical. These colors look best when they are the visual star of the room, not the supporting characters, so white or light color walls are suggested.

Moonshot, Cactus, and Lolly Nugget Pillows

Lolly, Moonshot, and Brightside Nugget Pillows

Play with Pastels

Combine Moonshot with Lemonade to bring out the subtle silkiness of both colors. Yellow and purple are complementary on the color wheel and together, they make a hyper-Modern statement (especially when you throw baby blue or light peach into the mix).

Two children play on their Moonshot and Lemonade Nuggets

Moonshot is so dreamy, we know you’ll love it in almost any space (get it? space?). It’s available to shop in Nugget and Cover Set form starting June 7, 2023. Check out more Nugget style guides to find inspiration for your perfect color, or Nugget builds to find the perfect configuration for playtime.

Note: All Nuggets purchased on our site after June 7, 2023 will feature updated zipper pulls and zipper garages.

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